MAFS star's heartbreaking OnlyFans confession: 'How sad'

Married at First Sight star Melissa Rawson has revealed the devastating reason she would not consider joining adult subscription-based site OnlyFans after her fiancé teased the prospect on Instagram.

Bryce Ruthven, who met Melissa on the reality show last year with the pair since having two children, took to Instagram on Monday to respond to a fan who asked if he and his fiancée would ever join OnlyFans.

“We have been asked this a ridiculous amount of times,” he began.

“Short answer. You never know with Liss. She is on maternity leave.”

Melissa has since spoken out, however, saying she would not join OnlyFans because she doesn't have the self-confidence.

Melissa Rawson speaking on her Instagram Stories.
Melissa Rawson says she does not feel empowered enough to join OnlyFans. Source: Instagram

"Firstly, I'm not joining OnlyFans, Bryce and I aren't joining OnlyFans," she said in her Instagram Stories.

"I have absolutely no issue with OnlyFans. In fact, if I had a rockin' body, I probably would [join] because the girls and boys on there are making an absolute killing.

"Olivia [Frazer], the likes of Hayley Vernon, Jess Power ... are doing so well for themselves, setting themselves up for life."

Melissa went on to say she was even a little "jealous" but was happy for her co-stars finding success on the platform.


"Good on everybody for being on OnlyFans and having the confidence, the confidence that I very much lack," she said.

"I have little to no self-esteem, I don't feel empowered at all, and how sad is that?

"I know OnlyFans is not the only way to feel empowered, but in the current state that I'm in, I don't feel empowered in any way, shape or form."

‘Too controversial’

Melissa's OnlyFans comments come shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Channel Nine bosses are finding it hard to sell advertisements and partnerships for the new season of MAFS.

According to a source, the network is missing out on revenue because the show is “too controversial for many family-friendly brands to be associated with”.

“The ratings may be great but many big brands don’t want to go near Married At First Sight as it’s too controversial and doesn’t align with their values as a business,” they told us.

“The growing, and highly publicised, trend of past participants turning to porn and sex work is one of the main reasons many family-friendly brands are staying clear.”

Another source added: “What was once a show about people finding love is now seen by most Australians as a stepping stone into sex work.”

When asked for comment, Channel Nine denied the claims and labelled them as "utterly baseless”.

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