Angie Kent defends MAFS' Olivia amid online backlash: 'Next level'

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything on the controversial reality show.

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Angie Kent recaps all the drama from the second last week of MAFS. Photo: Instagram/AngieKent

Can you believe that we only have one more week of this cluster f**k of madness before we can get our Sunday through to Wednesday lives back! Not that mine involves much at the moment, but I would like to at least have the option. We will be released from the crippling vortex that is MAFS!

This week started off with Olivia admitting she lacks empathy at the commitment ceremony and I think it’s safe to say that sums up the commitment ceremony quite swimmingly - the big ol’ C bomb…. Absolutely COOKED. Moving on.

We also were blessed with a little trip down memory lane, where we got to watch the couples' first impressions of their partner way back when they got married those two WHOLE months ago and were delivered some tasks to complete.

Let's have a little debrief on this, shall we…

Cody, Cody, Cody

I will start with Selina and Cody. Watching back their wedding day, Selina states that it reminded her of their rough start to the experiment? Girl, when has it not been a deeply deeeeeply rough start? All Codes has done is make you feel like you’re ‘full on’ - his words not mine, he also told you straight up that you are not his type to look at, pretty much admits he has only ever dated white surfy girls (unsurprising), gives you zero to no affection, does the bare minimum mostly, and can’t answer whether or not he is going to cheat on you when he gets out of this experiment even though you are pretend married and have been to hell and back for two months of your life that you will never ever get back.

MAFS' Selina and Cody
Come on Selina, when has it not been rough with Cody? Photo: Nine

Look, I of course have thought about the editing in all of this. Being a reality TV veteran myself, I know the drill… How much of what we see is completely butchered to make Cody look like more of a douche canoe than he actually is? I obviously keep this thought living rent-free in my head, right in the back and just have to comment on what has been delivered to us each week. The show is horrendous and has a lot to answer for. That’s one thing we could probably all agree on.

The Frankenbites (a clip on reality TV that appears to be a single shot, but is in fact several recorded clips edited together, like, it is deplorable) this season have been out of this world. There is a brilliant clip floating around on the ol’ TikTok where a girl shows how next-level ridiculous these Frankenbite edits are. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you go check it out on @amykeeble TikTok account.

This technique of producers/editors formulating sentences from multiple interviews/clips into something to make a situation appear more cryptic could be forgivable because it’s TV and we love the madness… But when they are completely editing words into people's mouths and piecing together sentences they have never said, that shit should be illegal I feel. It’s the only time you can truly blame it on the edit.

The co-dependency is real

Olivia and Jackson... The infamous one night away gifted to them by Domenica and Jack. Reality TV gold. Question, why is Olivia making out one night away from her ‘husband’ - that is only part of a challenge - is going to be a really lonely, broken-hearted night on her own? Jack and Dom labelled the pair as codependent. Where’s the lie?

How was the edit on how opposite Jackson handled this ‘challenge' compared to Liv's. Jackson living his very best life havin’ a night off. Feels. I would be lovin’ myself sick too. He’s off to the gym, gets a solo sleep, gets to watch what he wants. You can still have a solid healthy relationship and not have to spend every waking moment together. It’s creepy to me to think otherwise. Wait, hate to bring up the editing again, but I do have to ask… Have they edited Liv to look more manic about Jackson and her having one night apart? Surely this isn’t the reaction to the one night apart? It can not be!


One night alone and not getting what she wants, she throws every single toy she has ever owned out of her pram? I feel we are missing something here. I am not taking away that Liv has displayed some absolutely horrendous traits, behaviours and toxicity, but surely she can’t be this evidently bratty and so unaware that we are going to see this as viewers and be like what the hairy heck is wrong with you?

Olivia frazer from MAFS
Olivia made her own case for codependency. Photo: Nine

I will say… The amount of online hate Olivia is receiving is starting to make me feel quite ill at ease. If she is in fact the way she is being portrayed, then I do hope the feedback (if that’s what you want to call full-on John online bullying) assists her with improving herself entirely… If editing has a massive part and the chopping and changing of what’s been filmed and what has happened are making it that little bit next level, then I do fear for her mental health. Heavily. I mean, I already do fear for her mental health but more so.

Poor Brent

Tamara ahhhhh girl. You are so incredibly spiteful and cruel when it comes to Brent… At first yes, I stood up for Tamara because I felt I got where she was coming from with having dated man-babies myself in the past, you have to cradle them and their egos and they have no passion, and expect the world, and do the bare minimum… But now I look at her and their relationship and I am like, no, you’re just a bit of a superficial whinging wombat. Who cares if Brent waits freakin' tables! That shit is hard work. I have always said… If you love what you do and you are passionate about it and work hard, then who cares what you do. And how does Tamara not know what Brent does for work?

This is another example of men just staying with women because they're hot. If she wasn’t hot then there is no way he would have put up with her disregard for his feelings, how she gives him absolute tuppence. They have stayed around for far too long and it’s boring to me. I think Brent seems stable and solid. They gave him a rubbish edit at the beginning with the whole feet thing and making him look like he was aggressive and always putting Tamara down, but now I think, wow, this fella just can’t catch a break and Tamara is becoming unbearably mean.

Tamara and Brent from MAFS fighting
How doesn't she know what Brent does yet? Photo: Nine

The scariest of them all

Mitch frightens the living f**k out of me. I just can’t stand even watching him. The way he treats women and men. The way he responded to Daniel about the cheating saga. Let’s hope Mitch has never cheated on anyone in his whole entire life or what the hell was that? I don’t care for Daniel by any means. I think it was rubbish what he did, but it is also a tale as old as time on this show, a cheating scandal like come on, it ain’t brand new information or completely unbelievable. Mitch’s behaviour in my opinion has been way worse than Daniel's. Daniel slid into the DMs of a woman who made it so clear she didn’t like her ‘husband’ after a week of them being married, and Mitch has stayed and continued to gaslight Ella, speak to her like trash and has been an all-round plonker in most situations. Take a long hard look at yourself before you start throwing stones, champ.

'YOU’RE NOT WIGGIN ARE YA BRUH?' I can’t un-hear Mitch saying that to Daniel. It’s like an unwanted soundtrack in my officially cooked little mind. I am defeated. Put a fork in my because I am done. Well... I will be after next week.

You know the drill… EAT SLEEP, SAGE (and this week perhaps watch something light-hearted in-between last episode and what’s to come this week to rid you from that venomous MAFS NRG) REPEAT!

Mitch taking down Daniel on MAFS
Mitch's takedown of Daniel is still echoing in Angie's head. Photo: Nine

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