MAFS' Mishel says she was stood up three times by the same man

Married At First Sight star Mishel Karen has revealed that she was stood up three times by the same man after they spoke online for months.

The season seven contestant also told her followers that she is yet to go on a ‘real date’ since the show ended.

Mishel Karen's emotional Instagram post.
Mishel says that she is an ‘eternal romantic’ and will never stop looking for love. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

Mishel shared a lengthy post on Instagram earlier this week, detailing her unluckiness when it comes to dating.

“Yesterday got me feeling sad,” she started the post. “I am this eternal romantic, hoping to find true love eventually.”

The former TV bride explained to her fans that after talking with a man for several months, she agreed to go out on a date with him on Saturday.

Mishel then confessed that she was stood up, and she gave him a second chance on Sunday but he still didn’t arrive.

She says that he had a ‘great reason why he didn’t make it’, so she showed up for another date only for him to bail for the third time.


“I just don't get it,” she wrote online. “Why reach out to me, ask me out and then not make the effort to meet me? It is kind of cruel and it made me feel sad.”

“This is not the first time it has happened to me and I wonder if it is me?”

Mishel ended the post saying that she is yet to go on a ‘real date’ after her reality TV stint last year, and it just keeps getting harder and harder.

“I think it is probably easier to never open my heart to romantic love and focus on universal love,” she said.

Mishel Karen and Steve Burley on last year’s season of MAFS.
Mishel was paired with barber Steve Burley on last year’s season of MAFS. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

Fans rushed to the comments to ask Mishel on a date themselves, including her former MAFS co-star KC Osborne.

Other followers praised the 50-year-old for her honesty and shared their advice.

“You need boundaries and to never let anyone ever do that to you again,” one person replied. “Block his number and never speak to him again. He doesn't deserve your kindness.”

“So sorry this happened, sounds like he is not the one for you but don’t give up!” another added. “The perfect man for you may be right around the corner.”

A third commented: “I know you have a genuine heart and God has someone special seeking for you. When you least expect it love will find you.”

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