Exclusive: MAFS Mikey takes polygraph test on camera

After finding himself at the centre of a hotly contested he-said-she-said battle following his sudden exit from Married at First Sight earlier this year, Mikey Pembroke has gone to the extreme to set the record straight once and for all.

In exclusive footage obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, the former groom sits down to take a polygraph test to iron out some of the messy contradictions to have emerged after he claimed to have slept with fellow MAFS castmate Stacey Hampton.

MAFS Mikey Pembroke takes polygraph test to prove he slept with Stacey
Mikey took a polygraph to prove he had sex with Stacey Hampton. Photo: getrealentertainment_au

In an exclusive interview, Mikey says he and Stacey found ‘comfort’ with one another after Michael was accused of cheating on the single mum with fellow bride Hayley, and after Mikey says producers forced him to leave the experiment.

Though Stacey denied the claim, Mikey has now taken the matter to science, sitting for the extensive test in an exclusive video.

After responding to the questions in a very tense environment, the groom was cleared of any falsehood by the operator, and even scored far above the standard number for truthful answers.

“I, Michael Pembroke do hereby declare that while at the Sky Suites apartments I had sexual intercourse with Stacey Hampton,” Mikey wrote in a declaration that was then grilled by the qualified tester.

MAFS Mikey Pembroke signs a declaration that he had sex with Stacey Hampton
Mikey signed a declaration which he was then quizzed on. Photo: getrealentertainment_au

“It is my opinion that you are in fact being truthful to that issue,” the man said at the conclusion of the test, confirming that Mikey scored an average of 10 on each answer.

For an answer to be considered truthful the cut-off score is three, meaning Mikey more than tripled the required criteria.

“There was no strong emotional responses indicative of deception to the declaration,” the tester explained.

Medical and legal professionals often disagree over the effectiveness of polygraph tests.

Dr Sophie van der Zee, who has expertise in forensic psychology told the BBC in 2018 that the tests often confuse truth-tellers for liars, but are better at showing when someone is telling the truth.

That said, in the same article Prof Don Grubin, who has trained polygraph examiners in the UK said the tests have an 80-90% success rate if carried out by a qualified tester.

Polygraph findings are not admissible evidence in court cases in Australia

Mikey has long insisted that his claims were true, though with Stacey refusing to budge on her position it remains to be seen whether she will have anything to say in response, and what exactly she might fire back with.

Stacey Hampton looks off cameras on MAFS
Stacey denies the claims. Photo: Nine

Mikey ‘pretty frustrated with the whole thing’

Later explaining the situation in an exclusive sit-down, Mikey says the pair were looking for some comfort and commiseration from one another.

Mikey says he had just been booted from the experiment and claims Stacey was furious over Michael’s alleged cheating.

He insists it was never about revenge.

“I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing,” he says. “As I said, I wanted to see the show out even if it was just a week or two just to see if [Natasha and I] could be friends.”

He says the evening he and Natasha’s marriage was cancelled by production, he went to another castmate’s room where he shared a number of drinks with the castmate and Stacey.

“I basically went to a friend of mine’s on the show’s room, had a few to drink, got pretty intoxicated,” he said. “Stacey was there she was pretty upset about the whole thing as well, her partner cheated on her.”

“I think we had probably a little bit too much to drink,” he continued. “One thing led to another and me and her, we…”

Though the groom trailed off, subsequent events have made the ending to that story more than clear, at least from his side.

Watch the full video below:

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