Messy MAFS cheating web exposed

Stacey and Michael on the couch at Married At First Sight
Stacey and Michael are caught in a tangled cheating web. Photo: Nine

Just three weeks into this season’s Married At First Sight, things are already spiralling out of control.

Explosive claims have surfaced that four pairs of wandering eyes in the experiment found each other this week, and threw caution to the wind, and now the two grooms at the centre of the scandal have confirmed the salacious story.

Warning: Potential spoilers lie ahead.

Following revelations that Michael and Hayley locked lips while Stacey was back in Adelaide during the experiment (which has now all but been confirmed by Michael), it looks like a fed-up Stacey got her own back, seeking refuge in the arms of another groom, also called Michael.

In a bombshell revelation, it turns out that Mikey, who is married to Natasha on the show, got it on with Stacey - or so says he.

Mikey looking shocked with his mouth open on MAFS
In an unforseen move, Mikey has admitted to sleeping with Stacey. Photo: Nine

The rumour was confirmed by the groom, who told the hook-up happened after Natasha and he called it quits, although Stacey denies the incident altogether.

“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” Mikey told, adding he didn’t want the story to be let out.

Stacey conversely told Woman’s Day: “Nothing happened between Mikey and I. No sexual relations. Nothing. I can guarantee that.”

The news comes after the scandal between Hayley and Michael hit headlines.

Good egg meets bad boy while Stacey’s out of town

As it turns out, Michael, the notorious party-animal, locked lips with one of the brides, which may or may not be ‘good egg’ Hayley if a video obtained by New Idea and the word of another bride are anything to go by.

Hayley in a red top on a couch talking at Married At First Sight
Hayley and Michael reportedly locked lips while Stacey was away. Photo: Nine

The dirty deed went down on a boozy night in at Vanessa and Chris’s apartment, according to Michael.

“We were having a few drinks and hanging out,” Michael, 28, told TV WEEK.

“We were all joking and having a laugh. We were mucking around with the phone and were like, 'Oh, how funny would this be if this got out?’”

The groom clarified he and the mystery woman remained fully clothed but were videoed by Vanessa.

Vanessa told New Idea last week the pair were ‘dry humping’ and claimed the woman was Hayley.

“They were fooling around on the bed and dry humping. Shoes were flying everywhere,” she said.

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