'I stuffed up': Natasha opens up about MAFS marriage

Sarah Carty
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They both wrote ‘leave’ on their cards at last night’s commitment ceremony and now, bride Natasha Spencer has opened up about her failed marriage to Mikey Pembroke.

The couple went through a tumultuous few weeks on the show, which seemed to all come to a head when Natasha revealed intimate details at one of the dinner parties about her sex life with Mikey.

Married At First Sight's Natasha and Mikey on the couch
MAFS' Natasha and Mikey called it quits last night. Photo: Channel Nine

However, now Natasha has confessed that she ‘probably shouldn’t have discussed Mikey’s sexual performance’ in an interview with 9Entertainment.

" I thought it was OK to make the joke but discussed it a bit too in-depth with Stacey, and Michael overheard, then Michael decided to take it upon himself to discuss it at the dinner table with Mikey,” Natasha said.

"Mikey was obviously so embarrassed. If you're his mate there's better ways to do it. I stuffed up as his wife, but I was trying to let Michael know, 'Hey, don't try and put all the s--- on me, you've pretty much gone and done the same thing."

Last night, both Natasha and Mikey agreed to go their separate ways, with both of writing ‘leave’ on their cards at the commitment ceremony.

“When I was matched with a 28-year-old North Shore boy, I thought I would have to babysit him for the experiment, Natasha said on the couch.

The couple both wrote 'leave' on their cards last night. Photo: Channel Nine
The couple both wrote 'leave' on their cards last night. Photo: Channel Nine

“But he has taught me so much about myself, and it was a pleasant surprise.”

Mikey also smiled as he said ‘leave’ on the show, saying: “I wish Natasha nothing but the best, I really hope she finds that person who is going to be there. You deserve the world, and you will get it.”

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