MAFS cheating scandal deepens as Hayley reveals more about night of passion with Michael

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It’s the cheating scandal that’s rocked this season of Married At First Sight and now Hayley Vernon has shed some more light on her night of passion with Michael Goonan.

The bodybuilder appeared on A Current Affair last night, where she revealed that she and Michael kissed numerous times throughout the night after they went out together during filming to Darling Harbour.

Hayley Vernon from Married At First Sight on the couch
MAFS star Hayley claims she and Michael kissed numerous times. Photo: Channel Nine

"It wasn’t just one kiss," Hayley said. "It wasn’t this big in-depth thing. The guy walked into a room, had his Tommy Hilfiger top on walking around like the alpha male that he thinks he is. And we macked on.”

"We went from chair to chair to chair. We went out. Kissed. It wasn’t just one kiss. It was happening for the night."

However Michael is refusing to admit anything had happened that night at all, appearing on Hit Network’s Fifi, Fev & Byron show yesterday to chat about the scandal.

“I was absolutely sloshed. We were in a room with Chris and Vanessa. We were mucking around, we were dancing on each other, just juvenile, silly kind of childish behaviour that overtook us that night,” he said.

“I didn’t pash her. It was a confusing movement when we were going through it, I was absolutely blind. I’d love to say I recall the whole event, I don’t.”

Michael Goonan from MAFS
Michael is denying the whole thing even happened. Photo: Channel Nine

Michael claimed he asked Hayley the next day if anything occurred between them that night and she said no but changed her ming later.

He went to say that the whole truth will be revealed at the end of the series.

Speaking on hit107 Adelaide yesterday, Michael’s wife, Stacey, said she was at home with her children when she was sent a video of Michael pashing on with Hayley.

Stacey said the video came just hours after he had Facetimed her and her children on the couch at home.

“What I did last night, I look stupid, I wish I didn’t go at Hayley like that,” Stacey said, after she was filmed at the dinner party going in on Hayley.

“I wish I copped it to Michael but you need to understand that there is that loyalty you have automatically going in with your partner, you’re there for your partner, you’re not there to make friends. And she used me, she tried to manipulate me prior to going into the dinner party, you didn’t see that. At the end of the day, I was the victim and no one consoled me, everyone consoled Hayley.”

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