MAFS’ Michael shares X-rated details about relationship with Martha

They’re one of the few successful couples to come out of Married At First Sight, and now Michael Brunelli has revealed some very intimate details about his relationship with Martha Kalifatidis.

After the 30-year-old put a call-out to fans online on Wednesday to ask him something that they wouldn’t ask him in person, his followers definitely didn’t hold back.

Martha and Michael posing.
Michael answered a number of intimate questions on Instagram about his relationship with Martha. Photo: marthaa__k

Many of the questions asked were about the couple’s sex life, with one fan writing: “How long did it take you to sleep with Martha?”

“Day four of honeymoon,” Michael replied, sharing a selfie of the pair on their trip to Samoa back in September 2018.

“A solid 30 seconds I might add.”


The personal trainer continued to share secrets on his Instagram, with his next answer about his ‘favourite sex position’.

He posted a video of Martha modelling a cowboy hat with the caption “IYKYK”, which is an acronym for ‘If you know, you know’.

Michael's Instagram stories.
Michael revealed details about himself and Martha’s first time and his favourite sex position. Photos: Instagram/mbrunelli

A number of fans asked the reality TV star when he and Martha plan on getting engaged and having kids, to which he simply posted amusing photos and videos of himself with a blank face to avoid answering.

The former teacher also shared that he had received over 200 questions about the size of his genitals.

Michael’s Q&A comes shortly after he started posting prank videos towards his on-screen ‘bride’ on TikTok.

Back in June, he shared a video of Martha reacting to his newly shaved face and her response was labelled as “priceless”

Michael's prank on Martha.
Michael filmed Martha’s reaction to his newly shaved face. Photos: Instagram/mbrunelli

The video shows Michael sitting on the bed looking fresh-faced, with Martha visibly shocked as she walks in to see him. The Celebrity Apprentice star immediately raises her hand to her mouth and starts breathing heavily.

After she leaves the room and slams the door, she yells: “What the f**k have you done to your f**king face?”

She later says he looks like Voldemort and refuses to kiss him.

“Don’t touch me!” she shouts. “I have a really f**king hot boyfriend and if he sees me in here with you he’ll kill you.”

Not long after he pranked his girlfriend again by filming her from behind the door while she fired up about having to give a stool sample.

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