MAFS' Martha shares risqué topless selfie with boyfriend Michael

Married At First Sight's Martha Kalifatidis isn't one to shy away from a risqué photo, leaving fans stunned on Monday night after sharing a topless photo selfie taken by her boyfriend Michael Brunelli.

In the photo, the star is seen hugging Michael to hide her chest and posing in a way to show off her derrière.

Married At First Sight's Martha poses topless with boyfriend Michael
Married At First Sight's Martha stunned her followers after sharing a risque topless photo of herself and boyfriend Michael. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

The reality star joked that despite apparently being told not to share the snap, she decided to post one anyway.

"PR said no to this photo... but here it is anyway," she wrote in the caption.

"PR says no, but the people say YES," influencer Jadé Tuncdoruk commented.

"I love this," former MAFS star Jessika Power added.


"PEACHY," Sexologist Chantelle Otten wrote.

"If I looked like that with barely any clothes, that’s all I’d post," one follower joked.

"Yeah PR was wrong for that," another said.

"Break the Internet," someone else added.

Martha recently hinted at wedding plans after sharing another racy snap with Michael where she was fully nude.

Martha Kalifatidis poses nude with Michael Brunelli
Martha recently hinted at wedding plans after sharing another racy snap with Michael where she was fully nude. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

One follower asked, "When are you getting married?? Plzzzz you have to! We have all been waiting!"

And in response, Martha shared the risqué photo and wrote, "Soon... I think!"

The star opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle last week, revealing how supportive Michael was while she was working on Celebrity Apprentice.

"Michael was so supportive," she told us. "I would always be calling him, and being like, 'Help me, I'm stressed, what do you think I should do?'"

 celebrity apprentice Martha Kalifatidis with Lord Sugar statue
Martha was often underestimated by Celebrity Apprentice viewers but managed to make it to the top four. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

"I would come home after filming like, dead, exhausted and he would always be happy to hear me out. I can't say one bad thing about him."

While on the show, Martha found that she was constantly being underestimated by viewers, but revealed she doesn't care about that, because she can't change it.

"Look, I'll forever be underestimated," she told us. "That's not going to change for me, and that's okay. I'm okay with that.

"I know I came off reality TV and reality TV in Australia is frowned upon for some reason. I don't know why; everyone seems to enjoy [watching] it so much."

"It just means I'll have to work a little bit harder, and that's okay, I'm not afraid of hard work."

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