MAFS' Melinda posts huge spoiler to Instagram after wedding to Layton

The Married At First Sight bride may have spoiled her fate on the reality show.

Married At First Sight's Melinda Willis was left disappointed during Sunday night’s episode after she met her new ‘husband’ Layton Mills at the altar.

The 32-year-old businesswoman struggled to keep eye contact with her groom during the ceremony, and later told producers that she was unhappy with who the experts had paired her with.

MAFS’ Melinda Willis and Layton Mills.
MAFS’ Melinda Willis married Layton Mills during Sunday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

“First impressions – he may be punching just a little,” she said. “I would swipe left… I’m a nine and a half, on a bad day.”

Although it seems their relationship is set to quickly fall apart, many of the Brisbane-based influencer's 150,000 Instagram followers already know the pair will remain on the show for a good duration of the season.


After filming their wedding in August, Melinda would regularly post selfies in and around Sydney on her Instagram Stories until mid-October.

In one post from mid-September which Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained, Melinda shared a photo of herself working out in the gym at SKYE Suites Sydney where all of the contestants live during production.

This proves Melinda and Layton stay in the experiment for at least a month and seemingly make things work between them.

MAFS’ Melinda Willis' Instagram Story.
Melinda posted an Instagram Story at SKYE Suites Sydney in September. Photo: Instagram/melindarichelle

'Red flag'

One of Melinda’s biggest issues during her wedding was when Layton mentioned in his vows that he had a “money tree” growing up.

“Wait, he grew up with a money tree?” she told producers. “That to me is just a red flag.”

It wasn’t until Layton explained the money tree during his wedding speech that Melinda started to give him the benefit of the doubt.


“For those who don't know, I had to bury a coin in the backyard and water it every day,” he said as he began to tear up.

“One day I ran out into the garden and I couldn't believe my eyes when I realised I had grown my very own money tree, with coins sprouting all over the branches. Spoiler alert – it's amazing what you can do with some sticks and some strong adhesive.”

Melinda said she was feeling a “mix of emotions” after hearing the story, telling the cameras: “I'm just questioning if I judged him too soon.”

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