MAFS’ Martha shows off lockdown body transformation: ‘F**king hard’

Martha Kalifatidis has taken to Instagram to reveal her impressive body transformation, posing in a pair of jeans that she says didn’t fit her at the start of lockdown.

The reality TV star told her followers that thanks to her boyfriend Michael Brunelli’s 30-day challenge, she was able to make some dramatic lifestyle changes to improve her fitness and wellbeing.

Martha showing off her jeans which now fit.
Martha showed off her body transformation on Instagram on Wednesday. Photos: Instagram/marthaa__k

“I bought these jeans at the beginning of lockdown, just the usual ‘add to cart’ purchase, got my normal size and didn't think much of it,” she began her lengthy caption.

“When they arrived, they didn’t fit. Not like they were tight and I couldn't do the buttons up... They didn't fit, like they wouldn't even go on. I couldn't get them over my a**.

“I panicked and pulled out the scales! Horrified, I weighed more than I had ever weighed or ever imagined I’d weigh in my life. When did this happen to me?”


Martha went on to say that she had negative thoughts about herself because of her weight gain, including ideas of starving or punishing herself.

“Luckily Michael talked me off the edge and for the first time in three years I took his advice… Which was so simple, yet so effective,” she explained.

The 33-year-old detailed her partner’s tips, which include going to bed early - “nothing productive happens after 9:30pm” - waking up at sunrise, exercising for 30 minutes a day and walking 10,000 steps daily.

Martha and Michael working out.
Martha said she now exercises 30 minutes a day. Photos: Instagram/marthaa__k

“I completed his 30-day challenge in August. He’s been running 30-day challenges for two years and I never completed one even though I was always envious of the ‘transformation’ photos,” she admitted.

“It was f**king hard. To challenge myself even more I’ve now added pilates to the mix to work on my core and posture, or lack thereof!”

She ended the post encouraging others to try out Michael’s 30-day Tru Fit weight loss challenge and take control over their health, even if they feel helpless.

“Shift your mindset. Instead of looking to punish yourself, look to nourish and better yourself. Instead of thinking of it as just a salad, think of it as a favour to your body.”

Michael Brunelli shirtless.
Martha encouraged her followers to try out Michael’s 30-day Tru Fit weight loss challenge. Photo: Instagram/mbrunelli

Martha’s post comes after she admitted in July that she has gained 7kg since filming Married At First Sight almost three years ago.

“I think part of it is getting older and metabolism adjustments,” she told her followers.

“But for the most part, my job requires me to be stationary! I spend most of my waking hours staring into a screen.

“If I’m not making content, I’m editing it. Also, the hours I work are actually gross and I have no balance… But I’m working on it.”

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