MAFS’ Ines blasts former friends Martha and Jessika: ‘Cringeworthy’

Married At First Sight contestant Ines Basic has taken to social media to slam her former friends and co-stars Martha Kalifatidis and Jessika Power.

After being asked by a fan if she was still friends with the pair, the 31-year-old responded harshly by insulting them both.

MAFS Ines, Jessika and Martha.
Ines used to be close friends with Martha and Jessika during the reality show. Photos: Instagram/innnnnnes / Channel Nine

“One is so irrelevant the desperation is cringeworthy,” Ines wrote online.

“The other needs some humbling and perspective of the real world. In no particular order.”

Fans were quick to comment when reality TV Instagram page The Wash re-shared her post, with some saying they appreciated her honesty.

MAFS star Ines' Instagram story.
Ines definitely didn’t hold back when answering a fan’s question. Photo: Instagram/innnnnnes

“Well she ain’t wrong,” one follower wrote, while another added, “facts!”

Others called out the reality star for being hypocritical, saying that her comments actually described herself.

How the MAFS feud began

While Ines, Martha, and Jessika were an inseparable trio during their time on season six, their feud kicked off not long after Married at First Sight stopped airing.

Drama first started at the 2019 Logie Awards where Ines and Jessika reportedly ‘gate crashed’ the event and harassed Martha, who was invited with her boyfriend Michael Brunelli.


A year later, Martha said during an Instagram Live she’d “rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time than ever speak to Jess and Ines”.

Both girls responded by accusing Martha of cheating on her partner Michael during filming for Married At First Sight.

Fast forward to earlier this year, when all three girls appeared in the two-part reunion special and seemed to hash some things out.

MAFS stars Jessika, Ines and Martha at the reunion.
Jessika, Ines and Martha reunited earlier this year for the Married At First Sight reunion special. Photos: Channel Nine

Although Jessika and Ines reportedly had a pact to stick together, Jessika chose to patch up her friendship with Martha.

Ines then teamed up with fellow contestant Cyrell Paule and encouraged her to pour wine over Jessika, which she did.

Post-reunion, Jessika revealed her current feelings towards Ines and Martha while speaking with So Dramatic!.

“I think [Ines] is a really beautiful and smart woman, but it’s unfortunate that our relationship fell apart during the filming of the MAFS reunion,” she explained.

“There was a moment after Cyrell threw wine in my face… Martha was the only person to come out and speak to me, and gave me a really good pep talk.”

Jessika and Martha currently follow each other on Instagram, while Ines has clearly distanced herself from the two of them.

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