MAFS' Martha addresses Aleks and Ivan cheating rumours

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Martha Kalifatidis from last season of MAFS addresses the cheating rumours between Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

As someone who successfully found love on Married At First Sight, Martha Kalifatidis, has got a lot of thoughts on the current season of the show.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Martha, who 'married' Michael Brunelli on the show last year, addressed the cheating rumours surrounding her favourite couple from this season – Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula.

When asked about whether she believed the rumours that Aleks went out for dinner with another man while still with Ivan on the show, Martha supported Aleks.

"Look, I don't think it happened, I just feel like in the experiment things can really be blown out of proportion. And never has Chinese whispers applied to anything more than the MAFS experiment," she said.

Speaking about how the couple avoided the commitment ceremony, the former reality star said she believed it was simply "damage control" for Aleks.

Martha has defended Aleks, saying she doesn't believe she cheated on Ivan. Photo: Channel Nine

"I think that they have just left because I think Aleks has some family things that she probably didn't want to make public.

"She was really open about her family not supporting what she's doing and I feel like after what happened her family probably wouldn't be really happy with that. And she was just doing her best. That was damage control for her."

She added, "Aleks and Ivan have been my absolute favourite from the beginning... I love Ivan, I actually love him. But I think those two would probably be my favourite and my bet would probably be on them two [to go the distance after the show]."

When it comes to other couples on the show, Martha has also been a vocal fan of her former cast member Elizabeth Sobinoff and her 'husband' Seb Guilhaus.

Reports surfaced recently, however, saying that Seb is perhaps not as genuine as we all believed and he's in fact an actor trying to make his way to Home and Away.

Martha doesn't believe that Seb Guilhaus isn't being genuine on the show with 'wife' Lizzie Sobinoff. Photo: Channel Nine

Martha didn't have any time for the rumours, saying, "I just don't think it is true at all. I feel like what I see is quite genuine. You know what, people aren't stupid, you can sense when something's [real].

"When you look at Michael [Goonan] and Stacey [Hampton] what do you get? You just get really phoney vibes. And then when you look at Lizzie and Seb it's something completely different, they're being quite vulnerable, they're being raw, they're not posers."

"They're just being themselves, they're dorky and they're a bit cringe and we like it."

Speaking of Michael, she added that she wouldn't be surprised, however, if the rumours of him and KC Osborne getting together were true.

"No, no, I wouldn't be surprised by that... If I was Stacey I would just say, 'Oh, honey, you can have him, please! Be my guest.'"

Rumour has it that Michael Goonan leaves Stacey Hampton for fellow cast member KC Osborne. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked if she thought they'd make a good couple, she laughed and quickly responded, "Stunning couple."

Martha also spoke about her experience on the show and why she's happy she did it despite the show’s editing, "It's a fun experience and I feel like there's some editing that goes on, but for the most part, I mean, things that happen on there, the relationships and all that it's real.

"Our characters might be tweaked and you might have an onscreen persona. But at the end of the day the relationships and things like that are real."

She continued, "It worked out for me, so obviously I'm not going to say anything bad about it am I?"

Speaking about the experience she added, "You know what, you're running on adrenaline and it's different, you can't explain it, you can't prepare for it."

Martha also spoke about how her mother Mary Kalifatidis didn't love watching her daughter on TV, "Mary actually struggled with the show a little bit, she didn't take it very well, but, I mean, do you blame her?"

Martha says her mum Mary Kalifatidis, who is working with her daughter as an ambassador for ShopBack, didn't like watching her on MAFS. Photo: Provided

Mary, has become an influencer in her own right, boasting almost 31,000 followers on Instagram and is working with Martha as an ambassador for ShopBack.

Martha joked about her mum's newfound fame, saying, "I don't know how age appropriate being an influencer is for Mary, but she's doing her best at it and the thing that I think is the best thing about my mum is that she's just so raw and she puts herself out there which I think is quite brave."

The reality star is working on a new competition for the brand where shoppers can win a huge $20,000.

Martha explains that to win, you simply need to logon to Instagram and make a 30 to 60 second video saying why you think you're Australia's Savviest Online Shopper, tag @ShopBackAU, hashtag #ShopBackSaver and you're done!

She explained, "It's actually a really amazing app, I've told all my friends about it. Now, they're using it."

"Even people like my mum, who struggle to make a normal story on Instagram can use the ShopBack app, it is so easy and user-friendly."

Find out more about ShopBack’s competition here.

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