'I'm pretty hurt': Stacey exposes Michael's romance with KC

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It's becoming increasingly that Drew and KC don't go the distance. Photo: Nine

It looks like another MAFS couple has bitten the dust before they even got going.

Rumours are swirling around intruders KC and Drew as the bride becomes entangled in the mess of another MAFS couple – the explosive Stacey and Michael.

While an extremely concerned Cathy and Josh spent the whole of this week’s dinner party grilling Michael over his infidelity with Hayley, it looks like the dedicated duo may have missed a future offender hiding under their noses.

Detective's Cathy and Josh smelled a rat, but didn't realise it was right underneath their noses. Photo: Nine

While Michael defended himself over the debacle, just one seat away sat KC, who it turns out has likely struck up a sizzling affair with Michael after he and Stacey called it quits for good.

It looks like a future love match was hiding in plain sight. Photo: Nine

Now, an eagle-eyed fan account has uncovered damning evidence that KC and Michael are, in fact, an item and furious former bride Stacey tells Yahoo Lifestyle that as far as she is concerned, it’s true.

“Yeah I believe they are,” she says.

“I’m pretty hurt that my friend did that to me but to be honest I don’t expect anything less anymore from Michael.”

Stacey says she believes Michael has moved on with former friend KC. Photo: Nine

The response comes after snaps of Michael enjoying a wild weekend with multiple women after filming the series surfaced last week.

Now, one of the ladies he was photographed with has been identified as none other than the latest MAFS bride, and the evidence doesn’t stop there.

Spurred on by dodgy photos, fan account MAFS Funny, which boasts 75.5k followers, took a deep dive into the social media antics of newcomer KC, unearthing a pretty compelling case for the existence of an illicit Michael and KC romance.

‘People have spotted them out and about’

KC has reportedly been spotted out and about with Michael. Photo: Instagram/kcosborne_

On the back of the damning evidence, the administrator of the MAFS Funny account, who chooses to remain anonymous, tells Yahoo Lifestyle it was a shifty interview and a number of tips that sparked their interest in the tale.

“I thought from one of Michael's recent interviews he sounds like he's getting it on with someone that isn't Stacey or Hayley so [I] did some digging,” they say, adding a number of fellow fans reported spotting the duo in public.

“A lot of people [send] me tips in too, and have apparently spotted them out and about together,” they say.

Michael has been linked with KC. photo: Instagram/mickygoonan

An Instagram investigation

First up, the sleuthing account exposed the fact that KC and Stacey, formerly close friends, are some of the only cast members not following one another’s Instagram accounts.

Furthermore, close friends of Michael’s are also followed by KC.

For example, Michael’s best man has a private account, as does a close family member.

Following those private accounts?

This girl:

KC is following Michael's nearest and dearest, but she ain't following Stacey. Photo: Getty Images

As MAFS Funny’s mysterious admin tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “Keep your friends closer, and enemies blocked on Insta right?”

Stacey slams duo as she confirms romance

Just adding a cherry to the top of this palaver is Stacey’s confirmation that her former friend is, in fact, seeing her former husband, and she wishes them both the best.

Stacey confirmed the pair are together, to the best of her knowledge. Photo: Instagram/staceylhampton

“Hopefully he can keep this girl longer than a month,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The embattled bride says while she doesn’t regret entering the show, she believes the experts were aware of her boundaries when she applied, and landed her with a seriously bad match.

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my worth,” she says. “What I deserve and what I shouldn’t settle for.”

KC and Michael have been contacted for comment.

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