MAFS' Lucinda's big personal life update: 'Isn't sustainable'

The breakout Season 11 star has announced she's taking a step back after her 'exciting and overwhelming' rise to fame.

MAFS' Lucinda Light in hat and in black and white portrait
MAFS' Lucinda Light was the breakout star of Season 11. Photo:

Married At First Sight star Lucinda Light has shared a personal update with fans, after saying her MAFS journey has both been exciting and overwhelming.

The breakout star of Season 11 has been booked and busy since rising to international fame on this year's season of the show, but recently took to Instagram to say she's had to reevaluate some of her big plans post-show, saying she's been "trying to do it all" but realised in doing so, it wasn't sustainable.

"Getting out of Married at First Sight has been both exciting and overwhelming," Lucinda wrote. "I’ve been trying to do it all—spinning all the plates at once and finding myself shackled to my computer most days. My eyes are sore, my back has been tight, and my body isn’t as fit as I’d like it to be. So, changes are afoot. The solstice had me re-evaluating everything last week, and I realised that what I’ve been doing isn’t sustainable."

Part of Lucinda's plan to step back and take some things off her plate was her announcement that she's culling a merch line she was working on, but still sharing the artist imagery.


"One rabbit hole I went down was MERCH. I’ve come to a full-blown 'nah, no way, not for me,'" she wrote. "I mean, for God's sake, I’m not a band 😂. But blessings for this cute design, one of five I had made, now allocated as IG tiles. Putting 'em on tees or whatevs… well… ‘ it’s not my jam!’ Plus design is so subjective."

MAFS' Lucinda Light
Lucinda's about to embark on a UK tour. Photo:

In order to refocus her work and life balance, Lucinda told fans that she was ready to get 'back to basics' and that 'Lucinda Dim' may come and go depending on what's in and out of her control.

"I’m reallocating my time to fun, nature stomps, dating spunky suitors, and spreading joy from a well lived place – not working round the clock managing a million different aspects of business," she said.


"So much to learn – so many humbling lessons as I let things go, even releasing myself from the responsibility of trying to get back to everyone even though I sooooo appreciate & love all the love notes. You guys are the best!"

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