MAFS' Janelle reveals reason behind major transformation: 'New chapter'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 10 bride spills on her bold new look.

She was known for serving looks on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, and now Janelle Han has surprised her followers with a dramatic transformation.

The 29-year-old beauty influencer revealed on Friday that she’s dyed her signature blonde locks a fiery shade of red.

MAFS’ Janelle with blonde hair / Janelle with red hair.
MAFS’ Janelle has swapped her blonde hair for a fiery red colour. Photos: Instagram/janellemyh

“Bye bye blonde,” she captioned a video documenting her transformation process in the hair salon.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about her new look, Janelle explained that she felt like it was time for a change after being blonde for the past three years.

“I’ve been blonde for so long!” she said. “I’m going to New York for work and wanted to celebrate it with a new look. It feels like the start of a new chapter.”


Janelle shared that she’s received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans on the new hair colour, which is something she’s never tried before.

“People are definitely liking the red more than the blonde,” she added with a laugh. “[My hair] has always been blonde or brunette. One time I was blue/grey but that was a disaster and my hair started falling out.

“Black is probably the next colour after red. I want to go back to my roots.”

MAFS’ Janelle with red hair.
‘It feels like the start of a new chapter’. Photo: Instagram/janellemyh

Janelle spills on her new relationship

While her relationship on MAFS ultimately didn’t work out, Janelle recently confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she is no longer single.

The content creator revealed that she met her partner on a night out in Sydney with her co-stars Josh White, Dan Hunjas and Harrison Boon earlier this year.

“My boyfriend recognised me from the show and that's what made him want to approach me,” she detailed. “His line to me was he went up to some girls that I was talking to, some fans I guess, and he asked them if they were fangirling. That was his pickup line!

“I think the only episode he had seen with me on it was the episode I found out [about the cheating scandal] when I was crying and all that.”


Janelle added that she and her boyfriend dated “for a while” before becoming official in July.

“I think post-show, I really just didn't have much trust in men,” she reflected. “I always just assumed the worst. I was like, ‘Nope, I'm just gonna get screwed over’.

“So it took a lot of patience for this man to make sure I felt comfortable as well, and he is the most patient man so I'm very, very lucky.”

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