MAFS' Alyssa breaks silence about Evelyn and Duncan: What you need to know

Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook have called out Evelyn Ellis in a recent podcast episode.

Married At First Sight cast members Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook have finally shared their honest thoughts on Evelyn Ellis’ relationship with Duncan James in an explosive tell-all interview.

What you need to know

  • Evelyn was an intruder on this year’s season of MAFS and formed a friendship with fellow brides Melinda Willis, Tahnee Cook and Alyssa Barmonde during filming

  • Evelyn confirmed in May that she was in a relationship with Duncan James, who was matched with Alyssa on the show but broke up with her at Final Vows

  • Tahnee came forward to defend Alyssa against public backlash following Evelyn and Duncan’s relationship announcement, and fans noticed shortly after that she and Evelyn had unfollowed each other on Instagram

  • A few weeks later, Evelyn and Melinda had a “really awkward” interaction at the Logies nominations event where they reportedly “refused to pose for photos together”

  • Alyssa has stayed relatively quiet about Evelyn and Duncan’s relationship but recently did a tell-all interview on Tahnee’s podcast Chuffed this month

MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook / Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James.
MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook have spoken out about Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James' relationship in an explosive podcast episode. Photo: Channel Nine

🗣️ What they said

Alyssa Barmonde on Chuffed: “Everyone deserves to have love and if they have found that, why wouldn’t I be happy? I’m not going to get bitter because he wasn’t my person and he’s moved on, that’s not why I’m bitter. I’m bitter because they didn’t have enough respect for myself and our relationship to tell me. It’s just a s**tty thing to do.

“What [Evelyn] portrayed to be on the show was a girls’ girl, always sticking it to Harrison [Boon] and spitting the hard truths and spitting the facts. Where was that respect for me when we were friends?”

Tahnee Cook on Chuffed: “I had that perception of Evelyn that she would call things out, be direct with you, be honest with you. But then when I found out she couldn't come to me and tell me she had a problem with me or come be direct with me when that’s what she was trying to be, it seemed very strategic to me because I couldn’t understand it.

“I was really really disappointed [by Evelyn and Duncan] because I think obviously you want to be happy for people, but I think I can't bring myself to be happy for people that step on people to get to where they want to be, lie, treat people with disrespect, talk behind people’s backs. I find it really hard to be supportive of that and it's hard.”

MAFS’ Alyssa Barmonde and Tahnee Cook speaking on Chuffed.
Alyssa explained that she’s ‘bitter’ because Evelyn and Duncan didn’t tell her about their relationship before going public. Photos: Chuffed

🗓️ What happens next?

Evelyn has yet to respond to Alyssa and Tahnee’s recent podcast episode, however, Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted her for comment.

She and Duncan are still going strong since going public with their relationship and recently announced that they had moved in together in a $3.2 million townhouse in Balmain.

Meanwhile, Alyssa has become a mental health advocate following her controversial ‘edit’ on the reality show and has continued to work as a baker with her online business, Alyssa Bakes Cakes.

For more about Duncan and Evelyn’s relationship, read their exclusive interview with Yahoo Lifestyle here.

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