MAFS' Jackson spills on OnlyFans account with Olivia: 'We're doing it'

Married At First Sight star Jackson Lonie has spoken out about the speculation his on-screen bride Olivia Frazer is considering setting up an OnlyFans account.

The season nine 'villain', who had to ditch dreams of becoming a teacher and found herself unemployed following her stint on the reality show, previously said she and Jackson were not opposed to creating an OnlyFans account.

It was a comment that shocked viewers as during the season Olivia was at the centre of an OnlyFans photo scandal where she shared a nude snap of fellow bride Domenica Calarco with their co-stars without her consent.

Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer appear on Married at First Sight.
Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer said they weren't opposed to starting an OnlyFans account. Source: Channel Nine

The experts were shocked at how Olivia had never considered that what she had done was wrong.

Alessandra Rampolla told her, "This situation was created by the decision, for whatever reason, that you had to grab your phone and show other people".

Amid speculation she may start her own OnlyFans account, Olivia posted a racy video wearing lingerie on Instagram.

During a live Q&A on Instagram on Sunday, Jackson and Olivia addressed more questions about whether she would be starting an OnlyFans account.

Olivia Frazer poses in lingerie.
Olivia Frazer has once again teased her OnlyFans account. Source: Instagram/@Olivefrazer

"Are you?" Jackson asks his partner while they're driving in the car.

"Yeah, I've made one, I just haven't set it up yet," Olivia teased viewers. "We're doing it."

It is unclear whether or not Olivia was heckling fans, or whether she was planning to set up an OnlyFans.

Last week Yahoo Lifestyle revealed the eye-watering amount MAFS stars are making from their OnlyFans accounts.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that 2019 MAFS star Jessika Power pulled in an estimated $200,000 on her biggest month, and she’s so popular that she regularly gets direct messages from other MAFS stars wanting to collaborate.

Yahoo Lifestyle also understands that 2020 bride Hayley Vernon earns $600,000 a year by posting her X-rated content on the site.

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