MAFS' Olivia opens up about her 45kg weight loss journey: 'A lot of pain’

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer got candid with her followers about her weight loss surgery in a recent Instagram Q&A.

Olivia, 28, had the procedure done when she was just 22, when she weighed 95kg and was a size 18. While the gastric sleeve surgery she received went well, she faced complications later as a result of the rapid weight loss.

Olivia Frazer close up, as she answers questions on Instagram.
Olivia Frazer has been answering lots of questions on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

“I developed gallstones,” she explained.

“When you have rapid weight loss you can develop [gallstones], so I was in a lot of pain. I went from 95 to 45 kilos, within like a year.”

Olivia is now a healthy 70kgs, but admits she still has problems with body confidence, saying that she never feels “truly comfortable” in anything she wears.

When the star was asked if she had any loose skin after the operation, she replied with: “I was still quite young, and my skin had a lot of elasticity when I had the weight loss surgery done, so I didn’t have much loose skin.

“I had a little bit on my arms and stuff, but my boobies were very saggy. I had to get them done. I could roll my boobs up before I had a breast reduction.

“Rolled up, like a measuring tape,” she laughed.


Olivia pictured as a chubby teenager, wearing a grey beanie, white t shirt with a dream catcher on it and light blue jacket.
Olivia shared this photo of herself as a teenager. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

While Olivia has shared photos of herself before the surgery, she isn’t yet brave enough to share photos of herself directly after the surgery with her loose skin.

“I do have a photo, I might post it one day if I’m ever brave enough, and my mum will probably kill me,” she admits.

While she was on the TV show, she was open with her body image issues, saying that how she allowed men to treat her and her relationships, often revolved around her weight.

This comes after Olivia slammed her edit on the show, saying it made her look like an “evil, control freak”, a sentiment she disagrees with.

Olivia Frazer poses in lingerie and red lipstick.
She went from 90kg to 45kg. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

“I have a lot of regrets from MAFS. My biggest one is not leaving when I felt unsafe,” she adds.

She swears that all of the times she took accountability for her actions, they were cut out from the final show, saying she thinks she had an unfair edit.

“I’m friends with most of the cast still. There’s no way if I was as awful as I look on TV, that I would walk away with so many friends,” she started.

"That girl that we all saw on MAFS, that character — not the real me, so you won't be seeing her again."

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