MAFS' Jack spills on the next reality TV show he wants to appear on

EXCLUSIVE: Jack is hoping to extend his 15 minutes of fame with another TV stint.

This year’s season of Married At First Sight might be over, but Jack Dunkley is hoping it’s not the last reality TV show he appears on. The 34-year-old personal trainer was arguably one of the most talked about participants this season, so it’s clear the producers knew what they were doing when they cast him in the experiment.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following this week’s explosive reunion, the 34-year-old personal trainer admitted he would love to go on another series in the future that “challenges” him and puts him out of his comfort zone.

MAFS’ Jack Dunkley.
MAFS’ Jack Dunkley has revealed which reality TV show he wants to go on next. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’d love to go on Survivor or maybe SAS or Hunted,” he shared. “Anything that really challenges you physically and mentally where you’ve gotta question who you are and really dig deep and have that personal growth I think would be something amazing to do.

“I would never have applied for MAFS when I was in my 20s, not a chance in hell. But obviously being 34 and single I was looking for a bit of help so I thought it'd be a good time - next minute,” he added with a laugh.


Jack went on to reveal that he’s always wanted to appear on Australian Survivor and he’s previously made it pretty far into the casting process.

“I applied for season two of Survivor and I nearly got on, that was quite some time ago,” he said.

“I love Survivor. Me and my family used to watch that growing up as kids and me and my dad always used to joke with the family and say, ‘We’d be so good at this, we could do that’. And my sisters and my mother would say, ‘You couldn't do that’.”

MAFS’ Jack Dunkley.
Jack shares that he previously applied for season two of Australian Survivor. Photo: Channel Nine

Jack's 'secret project' with Harrison Boon

Outside of reality TV, it’s been rumoured that Jack has plans to “team up” with 2023 ‘villain’ Harrison Boon for a surprise project together.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair have discussed the idea of a series together around the “difficulties of being a man in 2024” and why they “didn't deserve” the public backlash they've received.

While Jack remained tight-lipped about any future collaborations with Harrison, he admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that they have become close friends since MAFS began airing earlier this year.

“He didn't coach me whilst I was filming, he didn't coach me in the media, he just gave me his advice,” he said.


“He shared his story with me, conversations he was having with production and other cast members when he was filming. I was just gathering information with him and then I was making my own decisions. Obviously, I wanted to support Tori, and who better to talk to than someone who's been through the wringer on the show themselves?

“He's been really respectful towards me and Tori, and there wasn't a lot of support when we were filming and straight after the show. No one really understands. Your family can only support you so much. They weren't there, they haven't been through it, and who better than H-bomb? He’s happy to tell you the good and the bad and the ugly and that's what he did.”

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