MAFS' Hayley Vernon reveals amount of people she's slept with

The former reality TV star is one of Australia’s most high-profile adult content creators.

Married At First Sight's Hayley Vernon returned to Australia over the weekend after a whirlwind seven-week trip across Europe filming adult content in six different countries.

The 35-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle she shot with a staggering 32 people during her time overseas, including one scene that included herself and four others, and has now lost count of the number of sexual partners she's had.

MAFS’ Hayley Vernon wearing a red bikini.
MAFS’ Hayley Vernon has opened up about how many people she’s slept with. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

“This time last year I worked out I'd probably slept with 150 people but that number now far exceeds that,” Hayley laughs, suggesting it's probably now “doubled” to 300.

“I know people love to judge women on their ‘body count’ and shame them, but I think it's empowering when women are comfortable enough to go out and have fun. I love sex and this is my career now too.”


The former reality star, who appeared on MAFS’ seventh season in 2020, also compared how people treat her in Australia versus overseas when they find out what she does for a living.

“I hate to say it, but Australia is behind the times and people are so prudish,” she says.

"I've had so many moments over the last year questioning if my career is preventing me from having a bigger friendship circle or finding a partner, but in Europe, everybody is so respectful. What I do for work doesn't define me as a person over there and people treat me no differently than if I worked in an office.”

MAFS' Hayley Vernon.
‘I think it's empowering when women are comfortable enough to go out and have fun.’ Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

'Flying the flag for Australia'

Hayley went on to explain how her recent trip “changed her as a person” and made her an international name in the adult world, even gaining an impressive 55,000 new Instagram followers in the last two months.

“Earlier this year I'd reach out to big names and production companies in the industry and some wouldn't even reply, but now people are messaging me after seeing me collaborating with people all over Europe and on so many different sites and [Instagram] Stories,” she shares.


She now has plans to travel to America in February to film adult content, saying: “It's crazy knowing I'm flying the flag for Australia.”

This comes after Hayley risked arrest in the Czech Republic after filming a sex tape on a public street in Prague.

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