MAFS' Hayley blasts OnlyFans subscriber for not spending enough

She’s become one of Australia’s most popular content creators on OnlyFans since her appearance on Married At First Sight in 2020, and now Hayley Vernon has slammed one of her subscribers for not spending enough money.

Taking to Twitter earlier this month, the reality star shared a screenshot of an exchange with one of her paying customers who asked if they were entitled to any extra content for having their ‘renew’ turned on.

MAFS’ Hayley Vernon posing in her lingerie.
MAFS’ Hayley Vernon has slammed one of her OnlyFans subscribers for not spending enough money. Photo: Twitter/HayleyVernon14

On OnlyFans, users can toggle a ‘renew’ button on selected accounts which will automatically renew their monthly subscription.

However, Hayley clearly wasn’t pleased with the man’s request to receive bonus content and sent a fiery response back.

“Aaron you've spent $10.20 in ten months, calm down,” she replied, likely referring to the tips she had received from the man. “I send them when I choose!”


After Hayley posted the conversation on social media, a number of her followers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Hahaha so annoying,” one person said, followed by another who replied, “Bye bye Aaron”.

“Calm down Aaron,” a third joked.

One person wasn’t so impressed with Hayley’s response, however, writing: “That’s how you treat your customers? Lmao.”

Hayley Vernon's messages on OnlyFans.
‘Calm down. I send them when I choose!’ Photo: Twitter/HayleyVernon14

‘It’s not bad at the end of the day’

Hayley’s social media rant comes shortly after she revealed just how much money she’s earned on the adult subscription-based website since joining almost two years ago.

In The Wash’s mini-documentary, ‘Hayley Vernon: Life After MAFS’, the TV star spoke openly about OnlyFans and her life as a porn star.

“So I’ve been doing OnlyFans for I’d say two years now and I’ve made over $1.3 million,” she said. “It’s not bad at the end of the day.

“I never thought I'd be a girl in this situation. I was an ice addict for the biggest part of my adult life. The way in which my life is today, I could never, ever have imagined.

“I have to pinch myself some days, most days actually. I remember moving into my house on the Gold Coast, waking up and seeing this waterfront view, and I was just like, ‘Stop it, how did you get here?’. [A few years ago] I was stealing food from Woolies and Coles, how does this happen?”

In May Hayley won big at The Adult Industry Choice Awards, walking away with the title of ‘Best Newcomer Female Porn Star’.

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