MAFS fans outraged by Melissa's final vows to Bryce

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It's getting to the pointy end of Married At First Sight and fans of the social experiment are becoming very vocal about which couples they are keen to see stay together and which they'd rather go their separate ways.

A pair that falls into the latter category according to public sentiment is Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven, whose rocky relationship has been tested numerous times this season.

MAFS couple Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven say their final vows to one another
MAFS couple Melissa and Bryce's final vows have left fans outraged. Photo: Channel Nine.

During Monday night's 'final vows' episode, Bryce declared his love for Melissa and said he 'couldn't wait' to start their lives together.

Despite rumours of a 'secret' girlfriend, backlash from fellow contestants and viewer complaints, Melissa reciprocated in kind.

"Despite the rumour, the conflict and everyone's opinion on our relationship, I know deep down in my heart that I have never felt this way about anyone," she said.

"I can absolutely say with certainty that I'm in love with you. Our relationship and you are truly worth fighting for."


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After their final vows were complete, fans took to social media to air their opinions on what they'd just seen and the sentiment was overwhelmingly one of outrage and disappointment.

"I actually feel sick right now," tweeted a viewer.

"And..... cue collective SCREAMS........," said another.

"Those rose coloured glasses Melissa’s got really be thick AF huh," quipped a third.

There were, however, some fans who supported the couple and wished them all the best with their relationship post-MAFS.

"Hope your [sic] both happy, don’t listen to the haters. All the best," wrote one on Twitter.

"Frankly, it's none of anybody's business. Let them be," added another.

Elsewhere in the dramatic episode, other couples Alana and Jason and Kerry and Johnny also dropped the L-word in their respective final vow ceremonies.

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

Bryce and Melissa's rocky romance

At the beginning of the season, Bryce copped a lot of heat online after ranking his 'wife' Melissa Rawson fourth in a controversial attractiveness rating challenge.

He later tried to defend his actions, claiming he was "stitched up" by the producers.

And on their honeymoon, he openly admitted that Melissa 'wasn't his type,' prompting outrage from fans.

Then, fellow contestant, Samantha Harvey appeared to confirm ongoing rumours that Bryce did in fact have a 'secret girlfriend' waiting on the outside.

Bryce's Canberra-based mate, Jason Roses earlier denied the claims but was later caught on camera making some suspicious comments that suggest he might not have told the whole truth.

Bryce has also consistently denied the rumours which all started weeks earlier when bride Beck Zamek claimed he told her he'd bought a gift for a girl during a chat at the gym.

For his part, Bryce told supporters in a post to his private Facebook page that he's been left 'speechless' with the way he's been portrayed on MAFS.

MAFS' Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven sit next to one another on the couch during a commitment ceremony
MAFS couple Melissa and Bryce have had a rocky relationship on the show. Photo: Channel Nine.

MAFS petition

Recently, a petition titled "Make the Nine Network apologise for failing duty of care" began circulating online and has gained over 13.5k signatures so far.

The petition, which was started by a member of the public, focussed on Bryce and Melissa and alleged that their relationship was "horrible" and "triggering" for some viewers.

MAFS Network Executive Producer, John Walsh, has since responded to the allegations in a statement to B&T:

"The petition in question does not reflect the nature of Bryce and Melissa’s relationship and at no time did Endemol Shine Australia or Nine consider Bryce and Melissa’s relationship to be characterised by domestic violence or the like.

"If that had been the case we would have intervened immediately."

The reality show has previously received complaints via the Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and potentially faces an investigation by the consumer watchdog.

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