MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall spills on attending 'wild' dinner party

The fourth dinner party of the season brought plenty of drama.

Married At First Sight’s Lyndall Grace has shared an insight into what it was like attending this week’s explosive dinner party, which centred around Rupert Budgen’s accidental ‘butt-dial’ to his wife Evelyn Ellis where she overheard Hugo Armstrong and Dan Hunjas speaking negatively about their wives.

Lyndall, who has relatively stayed out of the cast drama in recent weeks, says she had no idea about the incident before it came to light during Wednesday night's episode.

MAFS’ Lyndall Grace at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Lyndall Grace reveals what it was like attending this week’s dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

“I didn't know anything about it because I had stepped back from everyone and said, ‘I'm just going to focus on me and Cam [Woods] for a while, I don't want to hear anything that's going on around the apartment so just leave us be’,” she details. “So I walked into that completely blind.

“I have to say, although it's been a bit of a bin fire so far, most of our other dinner parties were pretty civil and everyone was letting everybody speak. This was the first time that I was like, holy crap, what is happening here?”


Lyndall adds that it was “really hard” seeing how much pain Sandy Jawanda was in after learning Dan had allegedly 'slandered' her behind her back.

“I remember just listening to Dan go on and on about this particular lifestyle that he had and I was like, how does this man not realise what he's implying? What the heck?” she remarks.

“Evelyn is also epic, she’s always for the girls and she stands up for what's right. Dan deserved a good talking to, I think.”

MAFS’ Evelyn and Dan at the dinner party.
‘Evelyn is also epic, she’s always for the girls and she stands up for what's right.’ Photos: Channel Nine

'Something to hide'

Lyndall went on to compare Dan’s hostile approach to the ‘butt-dial’ drama to that of Hugo, who owned up to his actions and apologised directly to his wife Tayla Winter at the dinner table.

“I think if you go about it aggressively and you’re defensive, it probably means that you do have something to hide or you’re aware that your actions were wrong but you just don't want to admit it,” she says.

“I only ever saw from Hugo that he was quite respectful and he just doesn't think there's any real point in arguing, and I agree with that. A lot of the time there's not really much point in getting all caught up in things.

“I don't think I'd ever had a conversation with Hugo at that point, but I remember him being very kind of like, ‘I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it’, and that should be the end of it really. When someone apologises to you genuinely then it's up to the person who's been apologised to to kind of process their feelings about it. There's nothing really anyone else can do. But Dan on the other hand, he's a marketing guy, he probably knew that it didn't look very good.”

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