MAFS 2023: Everything you need to know about Lyndall Grace

The Married at First Sight fan fave plans to live life to the fullest.

The Married at First Sight bride capturing Aussie hearts this year is without question Lyndall Grace. The 27-year-old Perth accountant's life story has left the MAFS viewers cheering for her happiness.

Living with cystic fibrosis, Lyndall never thought she'd make it to the age of 30, let alone get married and have children.

In a touching and emotional moment during the show, she recounted a poignant experience from her high school days. At 14 years old, she Googled the life expectancy of people living with cystic fibrosis, and the results had a deep impact on her.

The thought of her life being cut short and not exceeding her early 30s left Lyndall hesitant to plan for her future.

MAFS bride Lyndall Grace
Lyndall opened up about her struggles living with cystic fibrosis, having been diagnosed with the rare genetic condition when she was three weeks old. Photo: Nine

Despite her reluctancy to look too far ahead, she went on to reveal that she did think about her wedding day a lot when she was younger.

"You do kind of think, well how could I ask someone to be with me forever, when my forever is a lot shorter than theirs?" she said.

MAFS newlyweds Lyndall and Cameron
MAFS newlyweds Lyndall and Cameron instantly hit it off at their wedding, but cracks in their bond soon started to show. Photo: Nine

Miracle drug transforms Lyndall's life

Thanks to recent medical advancements, Lyndall's life has undergone a dramatic shift. A new drug has extended her life expectancy by several decades and given her the lung capacity of someone without cystic fibrosis. She now embraces every moment with a positive attitude, knowing she has the chance to settle down and start the family she otherwise might not have had.


Lyndall's journey with cystic fibrosis has motivated her to become a vocal advocate in raising awareness for the disease.

She regularly attends cystic fibrosis fundraising events, and even has an Instagram highlight dedicated to her journey with the rare genetic disorder.

Lyndall Grace with roller hockey teammates
Lyndall plays in a social roller hockey team. Photo: Instagram/@10dall
MAFS star Lyndall Grace playing ukulele
Lyndall is an aspiring singer who shares her original songs on Facebook and YouTube. Photo: Facebook/@ukuladylyndall

Living in the moment

Despite the physical limitations she's faced, Lyndall has transformed into a risk-taker who seizes every opportunity. Her fierce competitive spirit can be seen in her involvement with the Perth Street Roller Hockey League. She regularly dons the skates in a social team at WA's Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Centre and has previously been listed as the Vice Chair of the League.

Aspiring singer

Lyndall's creative talents extend to impressive cosplay, designing and sewing her own costumes. As if that wasn't enough, Lyndall is also a gifted singer and has a dedicated YouTube channel and Facebook page for her music.

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