MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Jessika Power's honest advice for the cast

The season six star reveals her top tips for handling life after the reality show.

She’s one of the most successful personalities to come from Married At First Sight Australia, appearing on the show’s 2020 reunion special, Big Brother VIP and Celebs Go Dating in the UK, and now Jessika Power has shared her advice for the season 10 cast on how they should navigate their lives post-show.

The 30-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle the most important tip she would give the 2023 brides and grooms is to “be accountable for everything you’ve done”.

MAFS' Jessika Power.
Jessika Power has shared her advice for the 2023 MAFS cast. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

“If you're doing interviews, radio, whatever, make sure that you own up to your actions,” she says. “Don’t try and downplay it or be blasé or pass it off.

“Also, just push things. I was always on my Instagram Stories just talking so people could see my true self. Because as we know, all these reality shows are heavily edited, but it gives people a chance to follow you and see what you’re actually like.

She continues: “Just go with the ride because it’s a fricken long one.”


As for the advice she would give future participants, Jessika says it’s essential you don’t have any “skeletons” that will come out during the show.

“Be prepared to have people sell you out and be prepared to have to back yourself because it's just what happens once you’ve gone on a show,” she adds.

“A lot of people are looking for a quick payout or people that didn’t like you in your past are looking to just sort of make you look stupider than what you make yourself look like on TV.”

'Not everyone is going to be your biggest fan'

Speaking about her own experience on MAFS in 2019, Jessika says it was “horrible” having so many people in her life turn against her.

“I’ve had to cut my circle down to a really minimal amount,” she admits, “My mother sold stories on me, I've had really close best friends sell stories of me, and it would say ‘source’ but it would be word for word what I’ve only told that one person.

“I’ve cut them all off and I haven't spoken to them since. And the weirdest thing about my mother was that I hadn't even spoken to her in five years! But it's what happens and you just have to be prepared that not everyone is going to be your biggest fan.

“People get upset with success and they get upset to see you sort of being pushed up to the top and elevated. Your true friends will hold you up and you can see the ones that bring you down.”

MAFS' Jessika Power and Dan Webb.
Jessika received backlash during her time on MAFS after she cheated on her husband with fellow groom Dan Webb. Photo: Channel Nine

'Don't blame it on producers'

Having gone through the experience herself where she received immense backlash from the public over her cheating scandal with Dan Webb, Jessika says her DMs are “always open” for participants to contact her.


“It’s a really hard thing to get that scrutiny and hate from the public and people that you don't know,” she shares. “So every year I get at least one or two people in my inbox saying, ‘I'm really worried because I've done this, how do you think I should react? How did you react to it? What sort of hate do you think I’ll get?’.

“But as MAFS carries on and it gets bigger and people get more invested, it just grows, it’s like a beast, and I feel like the online internet thing is just horrible. The only advice that I can really advise is just to ignore it. Own up to it as well and don’t blame it on producers, because I think that’s what a lot of people do.”

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