MAFS’ Bryce and Melissa welcome twins 10 weeks early

Married At First Sight's Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven have welcomed twin boys together, 10 weeks early.

The couple announced the exciting news on Instagram, uploading an adorable video where they revealed Melissa went into labour on Saturday.

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven
Married At First Sight's Bryce and Melissa have welcomed their twin boys together. Photo: Instagram/Lissrawson

Melissa is seen sitting in the hospital bed in the video, with Bryce saying: "We didn't really have your typical Saturday morning did we babe?"

Melissa responds: "No, no today, we were planning to start establishing the nursery but um here we are. Big shock, very early but I'm being very, very well looked after."

Bryce goes on to say: "Twin boys didn't want to stay inside and play, they wanted to come out and meet us in the real world."

Melissa explains that she is only 29 weeks so the boys are very early. "Fingers crossed everything is good," she says.


The couple said in the video that while they weren't 100% ready for the boys' arrival, with a bundle of furniture at home to build, "the main thing is Liss is healthy, the two boys are healthy and soon we're going to be mum and dad".

In a statement released to New Idea, Bryce said it was a bit of a shock when the twin boys decided to make an early entry into the world.

"We had planned to spend the weekend building the nursery and setting things up for the twins, but that all changed early Saturday morning," Bryce said.

"Even though the boys have arrived early, they’re doing really well and are getting the best care possible"

Melissa Rawson in hospital having her twins
In the video, Melissa couple be seen in a hospital bed. Photo: Instagram/Lissrawson

Bryce said the boys are at Frankston Hospital in Melbourne where they'll spend the next few weeks in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

"They’re responding well to treatment and are squeezing our fingers which is the best feeling in the world," he said.

It comes after the couple previously revealed they’ve already picked names for their bundles of joy.

The controversial couple appeared on A Current Affair, where they spilled all about their expanding family and plans to tie the knot.

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson in hospital.
Bryce and Melissa smiling after the arrival of their twin boys. Photo: Instagram/Lissrawson
Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson's twin boys
The twin boys arrived on Saturday. Photo: Instagram/Lissrawson

"We've got a list of about 10 boy and girl names, and because we're having twins, we need two of each. So yeah, I think we're pretty set," Melissa said.

"Very unique names and I guess that's kind of a real testament to our relationship," Bryce said.

Melissa said she was “shocked” when she first found out she was pregnant and it took her a bit of time to get her head around it.

When she discovered she was having twins, Melissa said she was “over the moon” and the couple are very happy.

MAFS' Bryce and Melissa's baby scan
The couple are expecting twins in December. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking about their season of MAFS, Bryce also said he was “no angel on the show” and had some moments he’s not proud of.

The couple said they will wait until after the babies are born before they tie the knot and are looking forward to a celebration on the beach with friends.

The interview comes after Melissa took to her Instagram in July to post footage from her scan.

Melissa's ultrasound.
Melissa shared footage of 12-week ultrasound with fans online. Photos: Instagram/lissrawson

“My first ultrasound seeing the twins!” Melissa captioned the post.

Bryce shared similar video footage to his social media, showing Melissa getting the 12-week scan while lying on a hospital bed.

“Meet our healthy twins!” the radio host captioned the video, adding, “So proud of how well she’s handling pregnant life.”

Bryce and Melissa’s twins will be a world-first for the Married At First Sight franchise.

Revealing the baby news with New Idea, Melissa said that “it’s been a whirlwind but we’re so incredibly happy”.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Bryce was unable to join his partner for her first ultrasound where she learnt that she was having twins.

“I was alone during the first ultrasound and [the nurse] just came straight out with it - no warning,” Melissa said. “I couldn't stop crying, it was very emotional. I think I said ‘holy s**t’ seven times.”

Bryce said he hopes the kids will “grow up close”, calling the whole situation a “blessing”.

Melissa posing.
Due to Covid, Melissa was alone for the first ultrasound and was in shock when she found out she was pregnant with twins. Photo: Supplied

Speaking about plans for their upcoming wedding, the couple has said that they want a “low-key” event as opposed to their TV nuptials.

While the pair said that they are in no rush to get married, they have hinted at who will and won’t be invited to celebrate their love.

While the show’s experts who matched Melissa and Bryce together will “definitely not” be in attendance, a few grooms have made the list.

“I’m still close to Jason, he’ll be there,” says Bryce, “and Cameron, Russell and James ... we’ll see.”

Melissa and Bryce.
Bryce and Melissa chose her black diamond ring together. Photo: Supplied

Shortly after announcing their news, Bryce posted a video of their engagement on Instagram.

The former TV groom took Melissa on a helicopter ride in Melbourne where he popped the question, proposing with a 2ct black pear-shaped diamond ring which she had helped design.

“The most beautifully unique ring and exciting proposal I could have ever experienced,” his future bride commented.

With extra reporting by Lachlan Guertin

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