MAFS' Tori slams 'disappointing' dinner party edit: 'I'm not a victim'

EXCLUSIVE: Tori spills on what was cut from Monday night's episode.

Married At First Sight’s Tori Adams has spoken out against her portrayal on the reality show and revealed a major moment that didn’t air on TV.

The 27-year-old bride, who describes herself as a “bulldog” who “doesn’t do compromise”, surprised viewers during Monday night’s inaugural dinner party when she was shown sitting in silence as the group discussed her partner Jack Dunkley’s ‘secret girlfriend’.

MAFS’ Tori Adams at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Tori Adams has spoken out about her ‘disappointing’ edit on the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

She eventually spoke up and shared her thoughts, briefly telling her co-stars: “I’m absolutely happy. I don’t trust easily, but I think at some point there is an element of trusting.”

However, Tori tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she gave a much bigger speech to the group about the incident which was completely edited out of the episode.

“I addressed the table that night and I was very clear on my stance regarding that article and they just cut all of it out and made me look like I was a damsel in distress,” she says.

“It was really disappointing to kind of figure out the angle that they're going with is just not an accurate depiction whatsoever.”


Tori went on to say that she believes the portrayal of her character has been “pretty disappointing” so far and the show has made her look like she doesn’t have a “voice”.

“I feel like I come across quite silenced and quite uncomfortable and quite submissive in a way of not being able to speak up, and that's not me at all,” she details. “I am not afraid to speak up, I am quite outspoken and happy to share any thoughts.

“I'm not a victim. I'm not this helpless, poor sod that needs the nation to stand behind me. I'm great, I'm fine. We're just getting done real dirty with how they’re showing it on TV, and it's really disappointing. But it is what it is, you know, it's TV and I signed up to it.”

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MAFS’ Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley at the dinner party.
Tori says she gave a much bigger speech to the group than what was aired on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

'Perfect trainwreck'

Speaking about what’s to come throughout the rest of the experiment, Tori teases that this season is “the most unhinged thing on television”.

“It was just such a diverse group of people that really had zero f**ks to give across all of it,” she remarks. “And I think it just worked so well because it created the most perfect trainwreck. I think it's gonna be great, I think it's just really unhinged.”

This comes shortly after Tori’s co-star Lucinda Light told Yahoo Lifestyle that this season is sure to shock viewers.

“It’s a very diverse crew. I think Channel Nine has gone all out just to find really different representations of our beautiful humanity and I think you'll see it all, and lots of contrast and polarity,” she shared.

“I had a sore neck just ping-ponging back and forth at the screaming matches. It's not the way I like to relate, but I’m not here to dampen anybody's expression. But yes, there are some pretty fiery characters in the mix.”

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