MAFS' Evelyn Ellis shows off 'painful' laser tattoo transformation

The reality star opened up about getting laser tattoo removal.

Married At First Sight’s Evelyn Ellis has shared an insight into what it’s like undergoing laser tattoo removal.

The season 10 breakout star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to share a video of the technician using the laser to remove a small ‘J’ tattoo on her wrist.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis / Evelyn getting laser tattoo removal treatment.
MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis has given her followers a glimpse at what it’s like getting laser tattoo removal. Photos: Instagram/evelyn.ellis

The process took less than five seconds as the laser traced the cursive letter, which she later explained was her ex-boyfriend’s initial.

Following the visit, Evelyn answered questions from her followers about the procedure including whether it actually hurt.

“It is painful the first two to three times, but you really do get used to it,” she replied. “It just depends how much you hate your tattoo.”


She went on to suggest having a hot shower or bath beforehand to open up your pores and then applying numbing cream.

“So yeah, go and do it if you hate it,” she added.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis' small 'J' tattoo being removed by laser tattoo removal.
It took less than five seconds for the laser to trace Evelyn’s small ‘J’ tattoo. Photos: Instagram/evelyn.ellis

How Evelyn hid her tattoos on the show

Evelyn’s latest Q&A comes shortly after she opened up to her followers about how she managed to hide her collection of tattoos on TV.

The 27-year-old model had a colourful half-sleeve tattoo on her right upper arm during her stint on Big Brother UK in 2016, however, it was nowhere to be seen when she walked down the aisle on MAFS.

“So I got my tattoos when I was really, really young and then I decided to laser it off,” she shared on Instagram in June.

“It's pretty light now, but if I'm doing a shoot or if I'm going to an event and I want to wear something that reveals my arms, I cover it up with makeup. But it's almost gone, so that's that.”

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis with a faded tattoo on her right arm.
Evelyn revealed in June that she was in the process of getting her half-sleeve tattoo removed. Photos: Channel Nine


Following her appearance on MAFS, Evelyn announced in May that she and her co-star Duncan James were dating.

The couple took their relationship to the next step last month and moved in together into a luxury $3.2 million townhouse in Sydney's affluent Balmain.

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