MAFS star Ella Ding slams groom Mitch Eynaud: 'Worst guy I've ever dated'

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Ella Ding has come out swinging at ex Mitchell Eynaud, claiming he’s “the worst guy I’ve ever dated” and wasn’t on Married at First Sight for the right reasons.

In an appearance on The Handbags podcast, Ella spilled all the secrets behind their tumultuous relationship.

Ella Ding in a green dress posing with Mitchel Eynaud in a pink suit jacket, during filming of Married At First Sight 2022
Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud had a bumpy ride on Married at First Sight. Photo: Nine

Revealing that Mitchell didn’t apply for the show but was instead scouted, Ella knew from week one that something wasn’t right, “This guy is not here for the right reasons - I am stitched up.”

The beautician went on to explain that Mitchell doesn’t believe in monogamy, or even marriage — which is a completely valid opinion – but not on the aptly named show Married At First Sight.

Ella Ding takes a mirror selfie of herself in a red dress before filming Married At First Sight 2022
Ella said that Mitch was on the show for the wrong reasons, and doesn't believe in marriage. Photo: Instagram/ellamayding

She continued, “If he just wanted to come off the show with more women running at him and a modelling career, Love Island may have been the one.”


Ella went on to discuss how hurt she was by Mitchell’s actions, accusing him of gaslighting and playing with her feelings.

Mitchell Eynaud poses for the camera in a dark green suit jacket while filming Married At First Sight 2022
Ella Ding accused ex Mitch Eynaud of gaslighting her during MAFS 2022. Photo: Nine

“I’ve never been gaslit before, I’ve never been emotionally manipulated either - so everything that I felt with Mitchell was all a first.”

The podcast hosts Michael Brunelli from Married At First Sight Season 6 and Josh Moss from Love Island Season 1 delved deeper into where Ella and Mitchell’s relationship all went wrong. The key turning point stemmed from Ella’s infamous trip to the beach with Brent Vitiello.

Ella explained that it wasn’t a shock to Mitchell that she was at the beach with Brent as she had told him prior. Not only was it common knowledge, but pal and fellow star Domenica Calarco was with the pair.

“The way that I see it is that Mitchell was waiting for one little thing for me to do wrong, for him to just tap out. I tried to call him, he wouldn’t pick up my calls. And then he blocked me, on every platform.”

Ella recently celebrated her birthday with fellow cast-mates, including Brent Vitiello & Domenica Calarco. Photo: Instagram/ellamayding
Ella recently celebrated her birthday with fellow cast-mates, including Brent Vitiello & Domenica Calarco. Photo: Instagram/ellamayding

Now the final episode of Married At First Sight has aired, the reality TV star is so glad she can finally put a pin in this toxic relationship, “I am single. And I can finally say it.”

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