Love Island Australia: Where are the couples now?

When you put a group of beautiful young singles together on a tropical island for the sizzling dating show Love Island with booze, fun dates, and a $50,000 prize pool you can expect a few people to simply play the game.

But have any of the participants found lasting love or have they simply jumped on a chance to join the reality celeb circuit and potentially launch their influencer career (us cynical - never!)?

There have been two seasons of Love Island Australia so far but with a third season starting soon, we take a look back to see if true love can be found on a show and if not, have they managed to find love since.


Josh Moss and Amelia Marni – Still Together!

love island couple Amelia and Josh
Amelia and Josh are still happily together. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau & instagram/@ameliamarni

This is what we watch reality for - the happily ever afters (okay we like the drama too). In July Josh and Amelia moved in together in Bondi and in August the couple celebrated their three year anniversary.

However, what did freak out fans was when Amelia posted on Instagram what appeared to be a sneak peek of their wedding in August this year.

"We actually got asked to do it the day before by our mate [photographer Jack Henry]. It was more of a favour really," Amelia told Daily Mail.


"My best friends all thought it was real! Even Josh's sister was confused. Everyone thought we'd eloped."

But the couple don't feel there is any rush for them to tie the knot. "A lot of people always ask us, 'When are you getting married or having kids?' But I'm 24 and not ready!" Amelia went on to say.

Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp – Not Together

Love Island Grant and Tayla
While Grant is still with the girlfriend he had before going on 'Love Island', Tayla has also found love with her AFL player fiance Photo: instagram/@loveislandau;; instagram/@grant_crapp

While Tayla confessed her love for Love Island beau Grant, that quickly turned to heartache when she discovered he'd supposedly had a 'secret girlfriend' the whole time.

"Obviously, there were more reasons as to why we broke up other than just a rumoured girlfriend," Tayla told Who at the time of their split. "There were pretty clear signs they were still talking and I wasn’t going to be the other girl.

"My gut was telling me to get out, so I listened," she added.

Grant is still with that secret girlfriend - Lucy Cartwright - and the couple have a baby girl, Charli, together.

But Tayla has also got a happy ending sharing the news of her engagement to AFL player Nathan Broad in June on her socials.

Eden Dally and Erin Barnett – Not Together

Love Island Eden Dally and Erin Barnett
Both Eden Dally and Erin Barnett have moved on with new partners. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau; instagram/@erin.alysha; instagram/@dallyeden

They were together from the start of the show and made it all the way to the final, but just a month after leaving the Spanish island of Mallorca, they were over.

"We wanted to share with you, that after much deliberation, we have quietly parted ways," they said in a joint statement on Instagram. "We look back and cherish the time we have spent together, the memories we have created, in both Spain and in Australia.

"We can't thank each and everyone of you enough, for the support and love you have shown us, but we have to be honest within ourselves as we realise that our forever as a couple, is no longer. We look forward to supporting each other moving forward and remain best friends," the former couple added.

Eden is now with Cyrell Paule from Married at First Sight and they have a beautiful son Boston together. Erin is also loved up with her partner Mick who she got together with in October 2018.


Jessie Wynter and Todd Elton – Not Together

Jessie Wynter and Todd Elton on Love island
Jessie Wynter and Todd Elton made it to the final but couldn't make it last. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau & instagram/@jessiereneewynter

The pair who came fourth on the show, just missing out on the final, walked away as a couple but split after just three months. In mid-February last year, the pair confirmed they were no longer together.

"This post isn't easy to write and isn’t something I want to be confirming but sadly, yes the relationship between Todd and I is over," Jessie wrote on her Instagram account.

"I've loved every minute spent with Todd from the moment he walked into that villa and absolutely adore him but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be."

Spying on their lives through their socials, both Jessie and Todd appear to still be looking for love.

Cartier Surjan and Matt Zukowski – Not together

Cartier and Matt  on Love Island
Cartier and Matt seemed like a lovely couple but it was not meant to be. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau & instagram/@cartiersurjan

With their model good looks and seemly genuine feels for each other, we were disappointed when Cartier and Matt split just two weeks after leaving the villa.

"I've made the decision that Matthew and I are better off staying good friends rather than in a relationship," Cartier posted on her insta account.

"He's a beautiful guy no doubt about it! Hope you all can respect my decision and support both of us in finding true love."

"Moving forward I would just like to let you all know that Cartier has decided that the two of us are better off suited as friends, I respect Cartier and her decision," Matthew said on his Instagram post. "She is truly a beautiful girl and I wish the best for her in the future! Hope you can all support us finding true love."

Cartier has gone on to find love with NRL player Jake Simpkin, while after a short relationship with fellow reality show contestant Keira Maguire, Matt appears to be single.

Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw – Not together

Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw on Love Island
Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Shaw split just after the show finished. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau

Aaron and Cynthia's relationship sadly only lasted only a week.

"Throughout my entire Love Island experience, I stayed true to myself and meant everything I said and that’s all I could do," Cynthia said at the time about their breakup. "Life is weird and sometimes it's hard to make sense of things."

"As you've all probably noticed, Aaron and I are no longer together. I ask you all to please be respectful of me during this time. It’s been a very draining and emotional time… but I'm looking forward to the future," she added.

Serial reality show contestant Aaron (he appeared on The Proposal and auditioned for Married At First Sight) has remained silent on the breakup and switched his socials to private. While Cynthia seems to be focused on her modelling work for now.

Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham – Broke up

Love Island Josh and Anna
Aww, Josh and Anna broke our hearts when they couldn't make it work. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau & instagram/@packham_pear

We had such high hopes for Anna and Josh as a couple. They seemed to have a genuine connection and celebrated the milestones!

"Can’t believe it’s already been 6 months with this one❤️ I Love You @annamcevoy21 😘," Josh said on a social media post.

But they eventually broke up after being together for a year!

In November 2020, Anna and Josh both took to Instagram in since-deleted posts to reveal they'd called it quits.

"It is with great sadness that Josh and I are going our separate ways. I know that so many of you are invested in our relationship but please know we did everything we could to make it work," Anna wrote. "It's extremely difficult to break up with someone who you still love but it is the right thing to do."

"We have had an amazing journey but unfortunately sometimes relationships don't work out and two people grow apart," Josh added later.

Josh has since returned to reality TV teaming up again with his twin brother Luke to compete on The Block. 

Anna in the meantime is concentrating on her podcast with fellow Love Island contestant Matt Zukowski Where's Your Head At.

Love Island starts on October 11 on Channel 9 and 9Now

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