MAFS viewers disgusted by hair removal scene: 'Did not need to see'

MAFS fans may have thought they have seen it all already this season, but one scene featuring Mitch and Ella on Tuesday night appears to have left many viewers disgusted.

During their home town stay in Melbourne, the 27-year-old beautician 'treated' Mitch to laser hair removal, but while many Married at First Sight viewers questioned the need to laser Mitch's seemingly bare chest, it was a cringeworthy shot of his nether regions getting treated that had people up in arms.

mafs ella does hair removal on mitch
MAFS bride Ella 'treated' Mitch to laser hair removal. Photo: Channel Nine

"The right one really hurts!" Mitch shouted, as he laid on his stomach, while Ella was seen leaning over his bare buttocks.

"I think you're being a bit of a wuss," Ella responds, before viewers were horrified as the camera zoomed in on Mitch's behind.


Fans took to Twitter to share their shock at seeing Mitch's 'hairy a**' up close and personal.

"Um, definitely did not need to see a close up of Mitch's hairy, twitching a**," one person wrote.

"Is she really zapping Mitch’s butt hair?" another questioned.

mafs hair removal scene shocks
Viewers were shocked my scenes of her treating his bottom. Photo: Channel Nine

Many also mused at the fact that this was not the first time Mitch had shown off his bare bottom on camera, calling out his previous outburst over 'privacy'.

"Mitch, there are cameras... Lasering your a** hair on TV isn't get private," one person said.

While another wrote: "But apparently Mitch’s a** is okay to flash about all over the place."

It's not the first time a hair-removal scene on the show has been called out either.

Earlier on in the season, Married At First Sight fans were shocked when Selina and Cody engaged in a very strange bedroom act during Intimacy Week

No one expected to see Selina given the task of using hair removal cream on Cody's butt crack.

"Oh my God!" Selina exclaimed during the scene. "I'm so confused, where does it start and where does it end?"

While it did make for hilarious watching, some viewers were left unimpressed with one user writing, "A new low - waxing a contestant's butt."

"Didn’t have hair removal cream in the butt crack on my bingo card for intimacy week, am I doing intimacy wrong?" another user joked.

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