MAFS' Duncan and Evelyn spotted dirty dancing after romance rumours

It comes after Evelyn denied she and Duncan are together.

MAFS' Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis will find it difficult to deny romance rumours after being spotted dancing at a Sydney club on the weekend, with fans celebrating the couple on social media.

In a video shared to Yahoo Lifestyle by The Wash Online, Duncan and Evelyn can be seen dancing in what could almost be mistaken for a Magic Mike strip show, with the groom shirtless and lifting the bride into his arms numerous times.

MAFS' Duncan and Evelyn at Sydney nightclub
MAFS' Duncan and Evelyn were spotted in a Sydney club together over the weekend looking very much together as they danced. Photo: Supplied/The Wash

The pair seem to be having the time of their lives after both their 'marriages' fell apart on the show last week, with both deciding not to take their pairings from the show into the outside world.

"I am not in the slightest bit upset about this pairing," one fan commented on Instagram.


"Duncan knows how to treat a lass and be emotionally open and Evelyn is a great communicator and just an uncontroversial queen," another added. "We ship."

"I love the thought of this!" a third said. "A way better match."

"Good on them, they make the best couple," someone else added.

"One word: HOT," another wrote, which many others agreed with, adding fire emojis.

The Sydney-based pair likely became good friends after being put together during the couple swap challenge and continued it off the show, with rumours first starting when Evelyn held a viewing party for her wedding episode in February.

Rupert gives his 'blessing'

MAFS' Rupert
Rupert Bugden reportedly gave the pair his blessing after they approached him separately. Photo: Nine

According to So Dramatic!, Duncan and Evelyn reportedly asked her 'husband' Rupert Bugden for his "blessing".

"Rupert has confirmed to a number of cast members that Evelyn and Duncan are now dating," one unidentified cast member revealed. "He said they both contacted him separately and asked him if they could have his blessing to progress to a romantic relationship."

However, Duncan's 'wife' Alyssa Barmonde was apparently not given the same heads up, with the bride being told by someone else, leaving her "devastated".

MAFS' Alyssa and Duncan
Alyssa Barmonde is said to be 'devastated' by Duncan and Evelyn's relationship. Photo: Nine

"Alyssa told some of the cast that everything switched for her and Duncan after the Partner Swap task," they said. "It was already rocky but it got much worse after that."

While Duncan and Evelyn attempted to keep the romance on the down low, their fellow cast members reportedly all knew.

'Nothing there'

MAFS Duncan and Evelyn
Duncan and Evelyn were first spotted getting flirty at her viewing party in Sydney. Photo: Instagram

It comes after Evelyn told Yahoo Lifestyle was spotted getting flirty with Duncan at her viewing party in February, which Alyssa did not attend.

The pair seemed close as Evelyn poured drinks into his mouth, however, the bride told us nothing went on between herself and any of the grooms in attendance.


"Everyone from Sydney was invited," she told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time. "Melinda [Willis] and Layton [Mills] were supposed to come but she had to fly back to Brissy, and Ollie [Skelton] was sick that day.

"I was stuck with the boys which was fine, we just had a few drinks and watched the episode. There’s definitely nothing there."

Duncan was previously linked with former MAFS star Carolina Santos, with photos leaking of the pair looking cosy in January.

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