MAFS' Dom blasts 'embarrassing' Tamara as cast feud reignites

It’s been over six months since this year’s season of Married At First Sight came to an end, and yet the drama between the contestants is just as chaotic as ever.

A majority of cast members reunited for the first time this weekend while attending the Team Ellis boxing match in Melbourne to support their co-stars Brent Vitiello, Daniel Holmes and Jackson Lonie, resulting in plenty of awkward moments and nasty confrontations.

MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw.
MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic and Kate Laidlaw had an awkward reunion at the boxing match on Saturday. Photos: Matrix/Supplied

After Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Tamara Djordjevic told fellow bride Kate Laidlaw to “f**k off to her own table” at the event, causing a divide between all of the girls in attendance, the 30-year-old operations manager has now explained the reason behind their feud.

“I dislike Kate because she openly spoke to media about us girls when we had invited her out with us, saying we were embarrassing and that she regret being with us,” Tamara commented on The Wash's Instagram on Sunday evening.

“So why would she want to come over to our table if she dislikes us... I can't stand fake s**t and if you want to be that way don't expect not to get a reaction.”


Meanwhile, Kate took to her Instagram Story around the same time to address the feud and explain her side of the story.

“I had no interest in talking to Tamara or being at their table!” she wrote. “I was just saying hello to Anthony [Cincotta] and his gf. As an adult I was choosing to be civil and pleasant at a public event, clearly she couldn’t do the same.

“I’ve never been treated so badly. Watching some of the other cast members laugh at her behaviour was truly hurtful. Adult women being mean girls and bullying is not cool, it’s embarrassing.”

MAFS’ Domenica Calarco.
Domenica Calarco didn’t attend the boxing match but has weighed in on the drama. Photo: Channel Nine

Dom weighs in

Domenica Calarco, who is friends with Kate and was one of the few cast members who didn’t attend the event on Saturday night, then replied to Tamara’s Instagram comment to call her out.

“Probs because you 'prank' called Ella [Ding] and I at the dinner table… Maybe that's why she said you were embarrassing,” she wrote. “And she's right, you are embarrassing.”

The incident Dom is referring to happened back in April when Tamara was accused of “harassing” her co-stars with rude phone calls during a wild night out with Carolina Santos, Jessica Seracino, Kate and her twin sister Bec.

Dom claimed that Tamara, who had called her on a private number, screamed at her “calling her a c**t”.

“She then said to me, ‘Have you got your f**king teeth fixed yet?’. I just laughed and then she hung up. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to give them anything but I am furious,” she told So Dramatic!.

Ella Ding also told the publication that she had received a call from Tamara, who passed the phone to Carolina.

“I asked her why she was calling me,” she explained. “Carolina was going on about Mitch [Eynaud] and Tamara, saying ‘Aren’t you jealous Tamara has touched his d*ck?’ and basically just trying to me feel bad that Tamara is with Mitch and rubbing it in my face. I told her that I don’t care and that Tamara can have him.”

Tamara has since deleted her comment on The Wash’s Instagram post, which consequently deleted the whole thread including Dom’s response.

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