MAFS' Dom and Ella divide fans with podcast: 'Egotistical'

Married at First Sight stars Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding have divided fans with their latest podcast episodes as they travel Europe together.

Their Sit With Us podcast was touted to be a huge success, with industry insiders tipping it could lead to a national radio show.

As soon as the pair dropped their first episode in June, it topped the charts and garnered rave reviews.

But it appears many fans now are disappointed in the MAFS stars' podcast, with many leaving scathing reviews on their recent episodes.

Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding on holiday in Europe.
Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding have copped scathing reviews on their podcast. Source: Instagram

The pair have been broadcasting from Europe, mostly discussing their experience travelling overseas.

Ella revealed when visiting LA she went out for dinner and explained the excessive bill was "f***ing ridiculous".

"We had lobster, which was 30-centimetres long, we had this beef you cook yourself ... it was [$114] a slice, and we ended up getting two rounds because there were only two or four slices per f***ing thing," she said.

"We had the caesar salad, we had the sashimi kingfish, salmon with truffle on it and caviar on it, and ended up having two rounds of that, we had champagne ... and then you've got to tip them. So the tip was [$129]."

It is standard practice to tip at least 15 per cent in the US, meaning Ella's dinner bill would have totalled around $1000 if she tipped that percentage.

Meanwhile, Dom spoke about a birthday party she attended at a $65 million house, and she didn't get to bed until 2am and had to wake up at 5am.

"It was a nightmare," Ella added, and complained Dom had kept her up with her snoring.


Following the podcast, one listener dubbed the pair "immature" in a review on Apple Podcasts.

"Shine has worn off," the scathing review said.

"I really liked both girls on MAFS but unfortunately, their true colours and immaturity are now showing in this podcast. Since all the MAFS 'drama' has now finally subsided, it's very evident that there's no real substance here.

"The girls both just come across as very materialistic, boy-crazy and VIP party/celeb-obsessed. A shame because I wanted to love it."

Another listener said the podcast "has no substance".

"One thing lately is the talk about how much everything costs, 'Oh I spent $1200 on dinner', 'We went to a $65 million house', 'We bought designer this and that', 'The champagne cost $1200', or whatever...," they wrote.

Dom and Ella wear white singlets and pose for a photo together.
Dom and Ella's podcast topped the charts when the first episode was released in June. Source: Instagram

One listener said their podcast was a "bit disappointing".

"For two women who purported themselves to be progressive feminists with unique views – this podcast doesn't do anything that a hundred other lifestyle and dating podcasts aren't already doing," the review said.

"Their views on dating and self-love etc are basic AF and offer no new insight, mostly just talking about what they want in a boyfriend and how glam their lives are."

Somebody else simply dubbed the podcast "egotistical nonsense", while another said it was "very self-indulgent".

However, fans of the podcast praised the MAFS stars for being "real and honest".

"This podcast feels like a D&M with your besties," one wrote.

"The realest MAFS girls," another said.

"Girls you are killing it. Loved both of you on MAFS for how real and down-to-earth you are. Keep up the great work," a third added.

"I love how real and genuine both Dom and Ella are, after watching MAFS and being team Dom and Ella the whole way to now seeing the amazing friendship that has come out of the experiment, I relate and resonate so much!"

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