MAFS' Coco Stedman shares incredible transformation photos

She was vocal on the show about fitness being one of her biggest passions and now Married At First Sight’s Coco Stedman has shared her before and after transformation photos.

The 30-year-old pilates studio owner from NSW took to her Instagram account to upload a side-by-side snap, saying it wasn’t just a body transformation for her, but also a ‘soul transformation’.

MAFS' Coco Stedman
MAFS' Coco Stedman has shared her incredible transformation photos. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco

“I get so many heartbreaking messages about women being ashamed of their bodies, scared to go to the gym, feeling like they are at rock bottom and not knowing where to start. My sweet angels, I have been there. I wasn’t born skinny- it’s always been a struggle for me. Food was my go to thing rather than facing my emotions,” Coco wrote.


“Now I am not saying happiness comes from being a lower fat percentage- definitely not! However, what you do gain is pride. Pride in your hard work and commitment. This wasn’t just a body transformation, this was a soul transformation, this was waking up and choosing to face my demons instead of eating them.

Sam Carraro and Coco Stedman on their wedding day
Coco 'married' Sam Carraro on the show. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco

“This is choosing my mental and physical well-being. This is knowing I’ll have my bad days but showing up for myself regardless. Most of all this is knowing that it’s human to struggle and what you choose to do with the struggle is completely up to you. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light. I believe in you.”

Former MAFS star Michael Brunelli, who is still with his ‘wife’ from the experiment, Martha Kalifatidis, revealed in the comments that the pair are working on a fitness plan together.

“Love this! We are going to achieve some incredible things,” he wrote.

Coco Stedman in a crop top in her car
'This wasn’t just a body transformation, this was a soul transformation, this was waking up and choosing to face my demons instead of eating them', Coco wrote. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco

Michael is an online personal trainer and has his own program, called Tru Fit By Michael.

During this year's season of the controversial reality show, things didn't work out for Coco and her 'husband' Sam Carraro.

Coco decided to leave her 'marriage' with the 32-year-old aspiring fashion designer after developing a connection with Cameron Dunne.

However, they didn't progress with their relationship outside of the experiment, with Cameron telling 9Now: "There was a conversation to see if we could come back to the experiment together, but it just wasn't the case.

"What made it hard to pursue that afterwards was that we were right in the midst of COVID and in different states. I was going to Queensland and she was staying in Sydney."

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