MAFS fans disgusted by bride Jamie's comments to groom Chris

Married at First Sight Australia fans have been left gobsmacked over new bride Jamie's brutal criticism of her groom Chris on Tuesday night's episode.

Intruders Jamie and Chris tied the knot on last night's episode but things went pear-shaped almost immediately with Jamie criticising Chris' nose ring at the altar and going on to hit him with a barrage of criticism throughout the episode.

MAFS couple Jamie and Chris hand washing confrontation
A nasty incident saw things go downhill rapidly between Jamie and Chris. Photo: Nine

A particularly cringe-worthy moment that truly had fans' jaws hit the deck, however, was when Jamie mocked Chris for apparently not washing his hands after he took a quick bathroom break.

Chris left the room after Jamie mocked his speech when he stumbled over a word, something he admitted 'hurt' him, but when he came back things deteriorated immediately.

"You didn't wash your hands," we heard her yell before he's even back in the room.

"Yuck," she added. "That's gross."


"You just questioned me as I walked in," a baffled Chris responded.

"I said did you wash your hands," Jamies hit back. "It has absolutely nothing to do with anything else."

"Wow, I did wash my hands," Chris responded, before Jamie asked to smell them.

"Oh my god," Chris says, totally gobsmacked. "That is weird."

MAFS bride Jamie accused of bullying over hand washing episode
Jamie lost it when she heard the groom hadn't used soap. Photo: Nine

When he admits he washed his hands with water, Jamie kicked it up a step.

"There's f***ing soap for a reason you dirty grot," she snapped.

Fand blast moment

While MAFS has had its share of tense, if not explosive, exchanges on the show, the humiliating incident had fans absolutely disgusted at the new bride's behaviour.

"She wants to smell his hands?" one fan wrote. "How about she has a whiff of her own stinking attitude?"

"How rude is this woman - no princess if you ask me," another wrote.

"He deserves better," another agreed.

Another called on the show to pull up the brides as much as they would the grooms for their behaviour, though with recent performances from Bryce and Sam that point is up for debate.

Others were heartbroken for single dad Chris.

"Chris is a lovely guy," one wrote. "It’s dreadful the way Jamie has treated him."

"Jamie has made a lovely guy feel bad this early in their experiment," another bemoaned.

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