'Disgusting': MAFS' Bryce shocks with kiss at couples retreat

Married At First Sight fans were left shocked after last night’s commitment ceremony, when groom Bryce Ruthven decided to write ‘leave’ on his card but then crossed it out and wrote ‘stay’ after a change of heart.

But if a trailer for tonight’s episode of the reality show is anything to go by, the drama surrounding Bryce is only getting started.

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson on MAFS
Bryce Ruthven is at the centre of the drama again on tonight's episode of the show. Photo: Nine

This week the contestants are set to head off on a couples retreat. While many may have thought it would be a time for them all to reconnect with each other, it appears things take a nosedive with the group.


A clip from tonight’s episode shows Bryce sarcastically planting a kiss on Beck Zemek’s cheek, with the whole group looking shocked and Patrick calling his behaviour ‘disgusting’.

Bryce Ruthven and Jake Edwards on MAFS
Bryce and Jake appear to come to blows. Photo: Nine

“I'll crown you the king of the experiment” Bryce is seen telling a puzzled Jake.

He then marches over to Jake’s ‘wife’ Beck and kisses her on the cheek, saying: “You know what? You're the queen.”

Patrick fires up, calling it “disgusting” while Beck appears to end up crying.

Meanwhile, Bryce’s ‘bride’ Melissa can be seen comforting Bryce as he breaks down away from the group.

Bryce and Beck on MAFS
Bryce plants a kiss on Beck's cheek. Photo: Nine

It comes after people online are up in arms over Bryce’s actions at last night’s commitment ceremony.

"Usually this would be a really easy decision for me. But I feel like I've gotten to a point... ahh, it's just really hard to say," Bryce said.

"I actually decided to leave," he continued, showing his card with the word ‘leave’ scribbled out after changing his mind and writing stay.

"I'm protecting her from bullying," Bryce tried to explain, while Melissa looked devastated, saying: "I wish you'd just written 'stay’.”

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