MAFS' Carolina slammed for bizarre dating demand: 'Shallow'

The season nine bride is particular when it comes to dating.

MAFS star Carolina Santos was one of last year’s most controversial brides, after ‘cheating’ on her ‘husband’ Dion Giannarelli with Daniel Holmes. The couple continued their relationship after the show wrapped up but split in August 2022.

The brunette beauty has put herself back out into the dating world, with the 34-year-old sparking debate over her “shallow” request for potential partners. On her Hinge dating profile, the reality TV star says she isn’t interested in men who aren’t a certain height.

MAFS' Carolina looking to the side
MAFS' Carolina has come under fire for her strict dating rule. Photo: Instagram/carolinaschimidt

In her dating profile, the 5’2 star tells men they should only message her if they’re “6ft or taller”.

Screenshots of her profile have been shared on Facebook fan groups, with some surprised Sydney-based men labelling her as “shallow”, while others have declared “she’ll never find anyone”.


When approached by Yahoo Lifestyle, Carolina stood firm on her dating rule. In fact, she only uses Hinge as “it’s the only one where you have to list your height on your profile”.

She also describes herself as a business owner and says her ‘typical Sunday’ would involve “gym, breakfast and beach”.

Two screenshots of Carolina Santos' dating profile on Hinge
The star is only interested in men taller than 6ft. Photo: Hinge

Carolina on returning to the show

This comes after Carolina revealed she would go back on MAFS if she was given the chance.

“I would go back tomorrow if they wanted me,” she shared, before adding that she already has a plan for how she would act.

“Knowing what I know now, I would probably pretend that I’m in love and head over heels for my match, no matter who the hell they give me. They could give me, I don’t know, fricken Nasser [Sultan] and I would be like, ‘Oh my god, I love you!’.

“I would play the victim. I would literally play the victim.”


Carolina also pointed out that the show’s success rate is “lower than going to a bar and meeting someone”, with only seven couples still together from the past ten seasons.

“Why would you go there for love?” she remarked. “I think everyone wants to find love and they’re like, if I find it, how cute would it be to find love on TV? But if you don’t, that’s not the main reason people go on MAFS, no matter what they say.”

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