MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Carolina Santos wants to return to the show next year

EXCLUSIVE: The season nine bride is keen on returning to the experiment.

She caused plenty of controversy on last year’s season of Married At First Sight, and now Carolina Santos has revealed she wants to return to the reality show in 2024.

The Brazilian-born bride, who ‘cheated’ on her partner Dion Giannarelli with Daniel Holmes in the experiment, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she would “one hundred per cent” go back to MAFS if she was given the opportunity.

MAFS’ Carolina Santos wearing a black dress.
MAFS’ Carolina Santos says she would love to return to the show next year. Photo: Channel Nine

“I would go back tomorrow if they wanted me,” she shares, adding that she already has a plan for how she would act.

“Knowing what I know now, I would probably pretend that I’m in love and head over heels for my match, no matter who the hell they give me. They could give me, I don’t know, fricken Nasser [Sultan] and I would be like, ‘Oh my god, I love you!’.

“I would play the victim. I would literally play the victim.”


While Carolina admits she went on MAFS for “exposure” for her online designer handbag business, she’s confident all of the show’s participants sign up for the experiment with a similar mindset.

“You can see that most people that go on MAFS, they either want to be influencers or they have some sort of business they can leverage from it,” she says. “There are a lot of personal trainers, makeup artists, and all sorts of businesses that can benefit from being on MAFS.

“If you don't have a business to benefit from, you’re actually only going on there for attention, which is actually worse. So watch out for those people. If they don’t have a business that can benefit from it, they’re cuckoo and they’re desperate for attention. They’re attention seekers.”

Carolina went on to point out that the show’s success rate is “lower than going to a bar and meeting someone”, with only five couples still together from the past nine seasons.

“Why would you go there for love?” she remarks. “I think everyone wants to find love and they’re like, if I find it, how cute would it be to find love on TV? But if you don’t, that’s not the main reason people go on MAFS, no matter what they say.”

Carolina Santos.
Carolina says her biggest piece of advice is to remember that opinions on social media aren't reality. Photo: Channel Nine

Carolina shares her advice for the season 10 cast

Speaking about the advice she would give the season 10 cast, Carolina says it’s important the brides and grooms know that there's a difference between opinions on social media and in real life.

“It is going to be tough,” she says. “There are so many opinions, but everyone just needs to remember that the opinions that you get online are not real, and you will eventually understand that when you go out there the people that come up to you will be lovely.

“You’ll eventually understand that the opinion of the trolls online is not what everybody thinks, it’s just what the trolls think and that’s about it.

“Also, you can’t please everyone. There will be people that don’t like you, but that’s fine.”

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