MAFS' Bronte breaks her silence after Harrison debuts new girlfriend

Bronte Schofield has shared her thoughts on her ex-partner's new relationship.

Married At First Sight’s Bronte Schofield has officially spoken out after her on-screen ‘husband’ Harrison Boon went public with his new relationship last week.

The 32-year-old builder was photographed with a blonde woman named Gina last Wednesday night, moments after the final dinner party aired on TV where Bronte broke up with him. His mother Noni then shared photos on Instagram over the weekend of Harrison introducing Gina to his three-year-old son August over lunch.

MAFS’ Harrison and his new girlfriend Gina.
MAFS’ Harrison went public with his new girlfriend Gina last week. Photos: Supplied/Matrix / Instagram/noniboon

Now, Bronte has shared her thoughts on Harrison’s new relationship in the comments section of Yahoo Australia’s TikTok.

The 28-year-old online beauty educator replied to one social media user who said “Harrison was always the better looking of you two… case in point check out his new girlfriend”.


Bronte was quick to shut his insult down while also complimenting Gina, writing: “I agree, his new gf is stunning and I wish her nothing but the best with Harrison.

“Dimming someone else’s light won’t make yours shine any brighter.”

MAFS’ Bronte.
Bronte said she wishes Harrison’s new girlfriend ‘nothing but the best’. Photo: Channel Nine

'I can't win'

Throughout the comments section Bronte replied to a number of people who had either made fun of her time on MAFS or criticised how she appeared in the video.

The clip shows Bronte speaking to photographers as she arrives at Sydney Airport in December to film the MAFS reunion, revealing that she'd “rather sniff paint” than come face-to-face with Harrison again.

One follower commented that it was “kind of hilarious” that Bronte appeared “overjoyed to be ‘famous’” in the video.

“If I was rude I would be picked on for being rude, I’m nice to them and I’m overjoyed by the attention,” she responded. “I can't win.”

Another person wrote that Bronte must have “loved the grief”, to which she replied, “My months of therapy say otherwise”.

In response to someone that said she was “the absolute girl version” of Harrison, Bronte said they were “reaching” but understood where they were coming from.

“I would see it that way watching it back myself, I don’t blame anyone,” she wrote. “That DP (the final dinner party) was the real B, not the wimp edit they gave me.”


When one person said they “forgive her for being dumb and annoying”, Bronte agreed that she “definitely was dumb and annoying” on the show.

She also told a fan that she’s still looking for love and won’t be going on national TV in the hopes of finding ‘the one’ ever again.

“I am not rushing into anything anytime soon, I need to work on me and love me again,” she shared. “What’s meant for me won’t pass me”.

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