MAFS brides speak out after leaving show: 'Worse for us'

MAFS' stars Selin Mengu and Holly Greenstein have spoken out after leaving the show, revealing they're glad to be finished with the show and blasting the 'unfair' editing of their respective relationships.

In a video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, Selin and Holly, who were seen heading to The Crown in Sydney on Saturday night, revealed they were very happy to be done with the show.

MAFS' Selin and Holly
MAFS' Selin and Holly have spoken out after leaving the show, revealing they're glad to be finished with it while also blasting their edits. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Holly, who was paired with Andrew Davis on the show, revealed she was happily dating another man after leaving the show.

"She deserves it right?" Selin said as Holly said the fan reaction has been "really warm" since she finished up on the show a week ago.


When asked if she'd spoken to Andrew or even wanted to speak to him since their dinner party fight, Holly quickly responded, "No."

Meanwhile, when the photographer asked Selin if she was happy to be off the show, she said, "Um, you know, I don’t know? I actually don’t know, good question."

When asked how she found the experience she said, "You learn about someone you may not like, so I think it’s interesting to know how to deal with that."

MAFS brides in Sydney
The pair told us of their 'unfair' edits. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

She continued, "All I can say is it’s definitely a lot more than [viewers got to] see, it was just one per cent - one per cent of everything [that happened] aired."

When the photographer questioned whether they thought their edit has been 'unfair', Holly quickly responded, "Yeah absolutely... for both of us."

The photographer then questioned what wasn't shown when it came to Holly's relationship with Andrew and she said, "I think for both of us, it was a lot worse for us but it’s okay, we’ve kept our heads held high."

Selin has previously spoken about her edit, saying people hadn't "seen the full picture" of what was really happening between herself and 'husband' Anthony Cincotta.

MAFS' Selin and Holly in Sydney
Holly said she and Selin have "kept their heads high" despite not receiving the best edits. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

"I can't agree with what people are saying, but they haven't seen the full picture,” she said about the public’s response," she told us earlier this month. "My reaction is my reaction, but it's not to what you've seen. There's much more [that has been cut from the show]."

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle about the situation at the time and claimed the TV bride was "telling all of her friends that she’s been stitched up".

"Yeah she said some things she regrets, but a lot of the context behind her remarks have been cut from the show," they added.

"She thinks producers are purposely erasing any footage that paints Anthony as anything but an angel to build up her villain narrative more."

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