MAFS bride makes major career change and joins OnlyFans: 'Super sexy and classy'

The former reality star said she hoped her followers gained inspiration from her bold move.

Former MAFS star Sarah Roza poses in red lingerie
Former MAFS star Sarah Roza has revealed she has joined OnlyFans, saying she wants to show that you can be 'super sexy' while also being 'classy'. Photo: Instagram/sarahjaneroza

Former MAFS star Sarah Roza has revealed that she has joined Onlyfans. She says she wants to show that you can be "super sexy" while also being "classy" on the platform.

The 45-year-old shared a snap of herself in red lingerie to Instagram to announce the move with a lengthy caption, "For years I’ve toyed with the idea of launching my own OnlyFans portal. I’ve finally decided to do it now because my intent is clear; it has to be classy, glamorous & something that I’d be proud of."


She acknowledged that one major factor in her joining the platform was that it offered "a wonderful opportunity to financially set myself up in a way that I’m totally in charge of."

"Secondly, I want to prove that OnlyFans can be super sexy whilst also being incredibly classy," she added. "So many of us yearn for the old-style glamour of the famous ‘Varga’ & ‘Pirelli’ calendar girls. Who could forget the iconic Playboy Bunny or the enduring icon that is Marilyn Monroe? All these years later & she’s still viewed as the sexiest woman ever! I firmly believe that where allure is combined with a vivid imagination, the result is much more powerful than any nude shot or suggestive sexual act could ever be.

"Lastly, the most important reason for joining is the freedom, contentment & empowerment I now feel within. Having the freedom & the confidence to express myself as I wish, ironically is... so freeing!"

Sarah Roza takes photo in her bedroom
Sarah she wasn't "advocating that others join up to OnlyFans" but hoped her followers gained some inspiration from her bold move. Photo: Instagram/sarahjaneroza

Sarah continued, saying she wasn't "advocating that others join up to OnlyFans" but hoped her followers would gain some inspiration from her and see that they could also be confident and courageous.

"Many new subscribers tell me they’ve never even been to the OnlyFans site before, but felt comfortable & compelled enough to join mine because they knew it’d be genuinely classy & really tastefully done," she wrote.

"So come with me on this exciting journey, where all body shapes & ages are beautiful & where you can let go of preconceived thoughts on what makes us all absolutely perfect!"

Her friends and followers shared their support for the former reality star, with celebrity psychic Harry T writing, "You have always modelled lingerie in such a tasteful way. You have the perfect look and physique for it. Good for you darling."


"Bravo Sarah, never have truer words been spoken," one user wrote. "People need to get out of their minds that Onlyfans is a XXX site. It's a safe place for content creators like yourself to flourish and shine bright. Keep being the most magnificent woman on the planet."

"I recently read somewhere, 'It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood,'" another said.

"I freaking love this Sarah!!!! Sexy as hell 🔥🔥 you’re going to crush it," a third said.

"Smokin!! Totally agree - I’m almost 45 and still want to feel classy, sexy and most importantly empowered!" a fourth added.

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