'This is bonkers': UK fans baffled by Aussie MAFS lineup

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Married at First Sight Australia has hit screens in the UK this week and the hysterical reactions online will have Aussies everywhere taking a look in the mirror.

The explosive seventh season wrapped up in Australia earlier this year but has only just premiered in the United Kingdom following its debut on US TV in May.

MAFS' Stacey Dooley, Joshua Pihlak and Amanda Micallef
MAFS 2020 hit UK screen this week, and the very mixed reactions are in. Photo: Nine

From the cheating scandal that rocked the show to the overall look of our cast, viewers in the UK were far more enthusiastic about the series than their American counterparts, though one huge criticism could be seen peppering the online reactions.

‘They all look the same’: UK fans seeing double

That is, where is the diversity on the show?

MAFS Mikey Pembroke, Cathy Evans and Stacey Dooley
The cast was described at the 'hottest to date', but others were seeing double. Photo: Nine

While the Mirror UK rated the Aussie cast the ‘hottest to date’ and were blown away by the Aussie beauty on display, others thought the faces on the screen where a snooze fest of similarity.

One woman was quick to point out that the MAFS grooms all looked alike, which is no surprise given the cast is almost exclusively white.

It was a sentiment echoed by US watchers who wondered if Australia had a lack of diversity in general, or just on the show.

Others were taken aback by the amount of plastic surgery used by the young contestants and by the amount of ink on show.

Some even called the lineup ‘fake’ referring to the enhanced looks.

UK fans say Aussie MAFS ‘best ever’

Others couldn’t get enough of the show, arguing Australia produced ‘the best’ reality shows.

Others admitted their obsession was a ‘new low’ but confessed to indulging in the messy drama regardless.

Others couldn’t deal with the amount of drama on the show, which is apparently far more over the top than the UK or US versions of the show.

All this, and they haven’t even hit the lie detector test, the toothbrush scandal, or the cheating bombshell.

We’re hoping they are all buckled in and ready to go because as any MAFS fan knows, there is one bumpy ride ahead.

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