America trashes Aussie Married At First Sight contestants

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It’s the reality show that has Aussies hooked to their TV screens year-after-year but a clip from this year’s series posted to the Married At First Sight US Instagram page ahead of its premiere there has been brutally ripped to shreds by viewers.

Americans didn’t seem too happy with the four-minute long trailer of the Aussie version of Married At First Sight posted online, which shows everything from dinner party screaming matches to partner swapping and dramatic exits from the show.

Hayley from MAFS 2020
US fans of Married of First Sight don't seem too happy about the Aussie version of the show hitting their shores. Photo: Channel Nine

In fact, some of them were so turned off by the clip that they called it ‘fake’ and ‘scripted’ and claimed they wouldn’t be tuning in to see the ‘hot mess’ unfold.

“Gonna have to pass.. too much drama and Botox in this episode,” one person wrote.

“I always loved MAFS because it seemed to be the most authentic reality show on TV.... from the drama of season 10 and clip of this Australia show I’m starting to lose interest,” another person wrote.

Others said the Aussie series ‘needs to be kept on the other side of the world’, while another claimed the whole thing ‘looks like Real Housewives’.

Stacey from MAFS 2020 in a red top at the dinner party
Fans called the contestants 'fake' and said it 'needs to be kept on the other side of the world'. Photo: Channel Nine

But a few fans of the show in the US couldn’t wait for the Aussie premiere, with one person saying: “I am ready”.

“I heard the Australian version is bonkers. Like couples switch partners, etc.I’m glad we keep it more simple & real here in America. (And our couples - well, *most* of our couples - are married bc they genuinely want true love/marriage) ....BUT, I def wanna watch this version bc I’ve heard it’s absolutely NUTTY,” they said.

However, once individual contestant’s profiles were posted to the Instagram account, the American fans changed their minds a bit about some of them.

A video showing Poppy telling the hilarious story about how her husband ‘tripped and fell into his co-worker’s vagina and is still stuck there’ has already made her a fan favourite, with people saying they love her and will definitely be watching.

“Oh HELL YEAH! I like her. I’m in!!,” one person wrote.

Others said there were so many negative comments on Instagram about the Aussie version of MAFS that it’s made them want to watch the show even more.

MAFS premieres in the US next week and we reckon in no time at all those negative commenters will be hooked like we all were.

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