MAFS expert tipped to quit over toothbrush scandal

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John Aiken appears on Married at First Sight
John Aiken has reportedly stepped away from Married at First Sight over the toothbrush incident. Photo: Nine

It looks like MAFS will be down an expert in coming seasons, with resident relationship expert John Aiken rumoured to have walked away from the show over a horror incident.

Bride Hayley made waves with her shocking claim that groom David used her toothbrush to clean the toilet and replaced it in the holder afterwards back in February, though we have not seen it unfold yet.

Although the alleged incident takes place off-camera in coming episodes, it seems the fallout was intense enough to push at least one member of the cast out the door.

Woman’s Day is claiming John Aiken has stepped down in the wake of the incident.

MAFS bride and groom Hayley and David in wedding photos
Hayley and David's toothbrush blow up sparked an uproar. Photo: Nine

“After David put poo on Hayley's toothbrush, things became very heated on set everyone was very emotional,” the source told the magazine.

“Why would he come back next year after all this? To be honest, he's going to need therapy after this season!”

Tummy-turning incident

He may not be the only one in need of some counselling, as the incident has turned tummies across the nation, even before having hit screens.

Hayley opened up about it on Hit FM Gold Coast last month, saying it was only after the groom filmed a video of the incident and sent it to the other men, that she was tipped off about it.

A still life of a single blue toothbrush standing alone in a pink toothbrush holder in a white tiled bathroom
An alleged incident between Hayley and David is said to be behind the expert's departure. Photo: Getty Images

“I actually had one of the other girls knock on my door and tell me about that,” Hayley said.

“He did one of the most repulsive things in the show’s history and I’d almost say it was bordering on abuse.

“Everyone was in a particularly stressful set of circumstances. No one else lashed out like that and everyone was under the same amount of duress.”

John has weathered his fair share of drama throughout the show’s seven seasons.

Last year the expert raised the ire of fans after he was accused of gaslighting a contestant who was feeling manipulated by her partner.

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