MAFS star slams show for 'exploitation' after season premieres in the US

It's alleged that the Season 10 MAFS cast were unaware their series was airing in the US.

Married At First Sight star Alyssa Barmonde has slammed the show and its producers for their lack of communication around Season 10 launching in the US on the Lifetime channel.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Alyssa — who was an unlikely 'villain' during the 2023 season — called MAFS producers out for their lack of accountability when it came to letting the cast know the season is airing again.

"Can't wait to have another round of bullying from another country," Alyssa said, on top of a screenshot that showed the first two episodes of Season 10 on Lifetime.

"And still @mafs producers have no accountability or due diligence to let us know it's airing again. Where is the mental health support?" she queried.

Alyssa Barmonde uploaded an Instagram story calling out MAFS
Alyssa Barmonde has called out the networks affiliated with MAFS, after finding out the season has premiered in the US without the cast being notified. Photo;


She followed the original Instagram Story with more screenshots, showing that she had texted a producer from the show.

"I've just been notified by my sister that MAFS is now available to stream in the US," Alyssa's text read. "I am not ready for another berating of online hate and trolling. What is EMS and Channel Nine going to do to support? Why were we not contacted?"

Alyssa Barmonde's text to a MAFS producer
Alyssa Barmonde's text to a MAFS producer after she found out S10 had premiered in the US. Photo:

On top of her text, Alyssa said the show would be getting a "mega pay-day" for selling it to Lifetime, saying "They are literally getting paid for the exploitation of us."


Not long after she sent the message to the producer, Alyssa said fellow cast mates started getting notified about the season airing in the US.

"So they weren't going to tell us until I spoke up?" she questioned. "Do fkin better MAFS. Literally no due diligence or care."

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