MAFS producers increase security for 2023 season following spoilers

Filming for season ten of Married At First Sight is well underway and producers are doing their best to avoid spoilers by increasing security and secrecy this year.

After countless spoilers during the most recent season, the team behind one of Australia’s most popular reality shows have taken things to the next level.

MAFS bride hidden by a large, colourful bouquet of flowers and a black umbrella.
MAFS producers have increased security for next year’s season. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

“Producers are taking no chances with spoilers this year and doing everything to prevent leaks,” a source tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“They’ve employed extra security to hide the participants from photographers and are shielding them whenever they have to walk out in public on their way to public shoots. They're hiding them under blankets, behind umbrellas and it's all very next level.”


Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show the producers attempting to hide one bride from the paparazzi with a large, colourful bouquet of flowers and a black umbrella.

The bride, who is dressed in a white lace wedding gown as she walks down the street after filming her wedding, has also tried to hide her identity with a black blanket draped over her head.

Meanwhile, her groom’s identity has been concealed by two large umbrellas as he steps out of his white limousine.

MAFS groom hidden by two large umbrellas.
The producers used blankets, bouquets and umbrellas to hide the bride and groom. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

‘Thrown into chaos’

The photos come shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that the new season of MAFS has reportedly been “thrown into chaos” following a number of cast leaks earlier this week.

A source told us that the show’s producers are extremely angry about the leaks, especially because it happened before the cast got to meet for the first time on camera.

“The new season of Married At First Sight has been thrown into chaos just days into filming,” the insider said.

“A series of early leaks revealing the brides online before the majority of the weddings have been shot has ruined the surprise element of the show.

“The grooms have all been looking up the pictures and trying to guess which bride is theirs. Producers are furious.”

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

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