Here's where you've seen this MAFS bride before

This week, we watched bride Aleksandra Markovic walk down the aisle with Ivan Sarakula on Married At First Sight, and now it’s been revealed that this isn’t one of the bride’s first dalliance with the world or reality TV.

Perth real estate agent Alek who says “it’s time to take drastic measures” when it comes to her love life, actually appeared on Take Me Out in 2018.

Aleksandra Markovic and her TV husband Ivan Sarakula.
Aleksandra Markovic and her TV husband Ivan Sarakula. Photo: Channel Nine
Aleksandra Markovic appeared on Take Me Out in 2018 with Joel Creasy
Aleks appeared on Take Me Out in 2018. Photo: Channel Seven

While she didn’t find love on the Channel Seven show, Aleksandra did look like she had some fun in unearthed footage online.

Alexs turned her light off for British man Dan, after he revealed that he has a pet snake at home.

Show host, Joel Creasy, went straight over to the 26-year-old to ask her why Dan had no chance winning her over.

Aleksandra Markovic in a bikini
Alexs says she has to take drastic measures in her quest for love. Photo: Instagram/ Aleksandra Markovic

“I’ve got a massive phobia of snakes. I’ve never even touched one,” Alexs laughed.

Aleks is now appearing on Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight, where on Sunday night, she was matched up with Ivan.

"He's so opposite to what I generally go for, it's crazy," Aleks said on the show.

"I don't tend to go for someone skinny."

Aleksandra Markovic lying on the beach in a bikini
Aleks is from a traditional Serbian family and is looking for love. Photo: Instagram/Aleksandra Markovic

That night, Aleks told Ivan she was putting on her pjs and hopping into bed, calling her new husband, ‘matey’.

"Matey, hey?" Ivan replied, with Aleks saying: "yep, matey".

Aleks, who comes from a traditional Serbian family, claims they thought she’d be married off with children by this stage.

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