Woman drops 45kg after ditching 'office snacks'

A woman has revealed how she lost an incredible 45kg after ‘ditching the office snacks’, which saw her gain five dress sizes after finishing university.

Lizzie Stein finished university in 2017 and went straight into an office job as a recruitment consultant, where she wouldn’t get home from work until after 6pm and stopped going to the gym.

Lizzie Stein weight loss before
Lizzie Stein gained four dress sizes after university. Photo: Caters News

The 24-year-old had always been into fitness and healthy eating but after months of snacking on office treats such as cakes, biscuits and chocolate, she went from a size 12 to a size 20, leaving her desperate to make a change.

“Before starting my full time job, I was going to the gym five times a week but when you are working long hours and not getting home until late, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym,” Lizzie said.

“I was constantly snacking on things round the office, going out for meals every week, drinking and I just lost myself.

“I was a size 12 in university and when I looked back on pictures, it made me realise how much things had changed and I wanted to get back to feeling healthy again.”

Lizzie Stein weight loss
She says she stopped going to the gym and was eating 3,000 cals a day. Photo: Caters News

So in August 2019, weighing her heaviest at 110kg, Lizzie decided to joined The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, dramatically cutting down on the number of calories she was eating in a day.


She admits the plan was “really challenging” but said for her it was “the right thing to do”. And she said the pandemic also came in handy.

“I thought it would be difficult with the temptation of snacks all round the office but with working from home now, it's definitely made things a lot easier for me,” she admitted.

Lizzie Stein weight loss after
She's now a size 10 weighing 65kg. Photo: Caters News

Now, after a year later Lizzie has dropped five dress sizes - she’s now in a size 10 - and lost a whopping 45kg, now weighing 65kg.

“Now, I feel more confident than ever and it has really helped me feel like myself again. I feel amazing,” Lizzie said.

“I have a strict diet which doesn't give room for snacking in the office which has helped me a lot.”

Additional reporting by Caters News.

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